Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Homework winner!

Good Morning!
Ok I said I would leave the Claritystampers NW homework open for votes for a week, well its been a week.
Thank you so much to everybody who not only voted but left some really nice comments about all the little masterpieces, I know my ladies appreciate your encouragement.
So, who gets to choose themselves a new Claritystamp...

That would be number 3
created by our lovely Rae Dalal
She bakes nice cake too!

If your interested, our next meetings in Birkenhead are Thursday 8 March repeated on Sunday 11 March, there are a couple of places left.

Come back later for another post- I hinted at a giveaway the other day, and I wanna tell you all about my weekend!


  1. Well done Rae... you had my vote

  2. Omg!! I can't believe it - every1s efforts were totally fab!!! wow thank you every1 for taking the time to vote for us all!!! Maria's a gr8 teacher! Guess this means I'm on cake duty again! Ha ha x x

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    1. Rae,did you have a technically challenged moment, or two! lol

  6. Well done Rae, this was so beautiful:) Sandra H

  7. Well Done Rae ! Very well deserved :-) see you soon xxx

  8. Ha ha Maria! Nope Google n my internet flipped out big time lol!! X

  9. Hi Maria,
    that must have been a tough choice for you as you had so many lovely pieces of work to choose from. Well done to everyone- I am not averse to the brayer etc, just not its best friend YET!
    Congratulations Rae, your piece of work was truly beautiful and I especially loved the colour scheme you used.
    Look forward to hearing your news later Maria.
    All the best Linda

  10. Congratulations Rae , Beautiful Homework !!!

  11. Congratulations Rae, a beautiful work of art, def. a winner :D
    I don't envy you Maria, having to pick a winner, a tough job.
    Sue H. xx

  12. Everyone's homework was excellent that anyone could have been a winner. However number 3 has my vote! Well done Rae! A true clarity stamper if ever I saw one!
    Hope to join you one time Maria!
    Jane xx

  13. Well done Rae! Fabulous card.

    Linda xxx

  14. well one rea,i voted for you to. love bluebell-flowerwood.