Thursday, 28 February 2013

Happiness is....

Good morning, I'm a little late today, I never manage to rush when it's very cold outside.

The man in the kebab shop gave me the weather outlook a couple of days ago but I switched off when he started explaining about the the warm air from Timbuktu meeting he cool air from wherever....but apparently it's gonna be cold for a few days.

Anyways.. Here is another 'use it up' jobby


This one uses a bit of card I used o mop up some ink off my Splodge, I quite liked this one and knew it needed the Meadow Dance stamp from Clarity, the swirl was also in the bag. So I just added the stamping and card blank.

This is my second fave from the 'use it up' stuff, I'm saving my fave until last.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Special Day

Good morning, it's time for the final card in the handmade paper series..

Another simple one.


I ended up with a couple of odd pieces of paper when I ripped a piece making it,

so I thought I would use it as it was.

I scored it with my hoagie, added some leaves and flowers and a banner.

The sentiment is part of a Claritystamp masked off.

I hope you liked the cards,they were fun to make even though the paper making was messy!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Squiggly writing and moroccan discs..


If blogsy does as it's told I will be halfway to Stevenage when this goes live...

If your passing the Leisure centre come and say hello to the Clarity team.

So today's card, a little out of the ordinary for me isn't it..

It's another 'use it up', the little discs have sat in the bag since I demo'd the Moroccan Spellbinders, this one isn't he most usable in the set but I did quite like how this turned out, what do you think?


so I just added he card blank for this one..

Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Black and white use it up..and where is Theresa

Happy Saturday, hope you have your slippers on and your feet up!

I'm still wading through the 'use it up' cards

Bit of black and white today...

This one uses up the big black Moroccan motif,the silver butterfly circle and the black scallop circle,the lovely white shape was a recent addition to the bag after prepping a class. So I added the punched border,sentiment and twine.oh and the dazzler embelly.

Next piece of business, Theresa I can't find the email with your address, pleeeeeease get in touch again.

Have a good one gang!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Handmade and hexagons


Weekend is nearly here, I will be working...ok,so I get paid for indulging in what I love but the driving and packing counts as work doesn't it!

Time for card number 3 in the handmade paper cards I made for Creative Cardmaking.

For this one I used a bit of all the papers I made added with a bit of Kraft. I wanted to keep these cards simple, the focus was supposed to be the paper after all.

The sentiment is a Claritystamp,this is one of the ones that stays on the rack in front of my desk, never gets put away!

Have a good day even if your not doing what you love...


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Use it up, a couple more.

Good afternoon!

I thought I would quickly blog a couple more of the 'use it up' cards while I'm sat in the hairdressers very bored....


This one uses the Heart and the flower, I added the piece of navy card with punched edges and stamped the sentiment from Claritystamp.


This one uses the aperture from a die ut butterfly and a piece of matching embossed card, I added the stamped sentiment.

Hope you like them!

Have a good one.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Good morning, cold again-but it is February!

Here is another card from the handmade paper project for Creative Cardmaking.

For this one I didn't add any odour or texture when making the paper.

I inked an embossing folder with antique linen ink and ran the paper through the ebosser, so i got texture and colour all in one. Edges are inked with spun sugar.

The quill roses are made from the bits of various handmade papers.


Thanks for stopping by!



Saturday, 16 February 2013

Clarity Time Black and White

Happy Saturday to you!

Yep here they are again, and can you guess what we will be using in today's Claritystampers Northwest class.....correctamondo!

It doesn't get any simpler than this, I used up a punched border from 'the bag' and stamped in Black,voila!

Enjoy your Saturday whatever your up to.


Friday, 15 February 2013

Use it up part 2

It's Friday!

Good morning, are you looking forward to the weekend? I know I am, Clarity class tomorrow then down to the trade show on Sunday to see what new goodies are about to hit the shops.

Enough about new goodies though, what about old goodies...


Out of the bag for these two I used the motifs and border strips, shamefully they have been sat in the bag since I launched the Moroccan spellbinders on telly early last year!

it was high time I used those Kraft card blanks too!

The sentiment is from Pink Gem, the embossing folders are from Spellbinders.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Together for 37 years!

Yeah! That's how long I have been with my frog, how many years have you managed with yours?

Happy Valentines Day to ya!


This valentines day he is trying to woo me by showing me his cuddly side with little girl teddy, or is he trying to make me jealous?

Either way, get off my desk Kermit!

I'm afraid I am to valentines what Scrooge is to Christmas, so bah humbug..

Oh I suppose I better show a lovey Dovey card hadn't I...


There you go, it's another made from the bag of bits, I will make Kermit a nice one when it's our 40th year together...


Have a great day whether your loved up or not!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A musical number!

Are your eyes deceiving you?

2 posts in the same day?

Yes it's really happening!

The nice postman (he is nice too!) brought me something and it is perfect for this weeks Musical challenge over at Less is More...


I spotted this image in the thumbnails at Less is More weeks ago and it grabbed my attention, so I have been a patient girl waiting for it to come across the pond to me!

It's an Inkadinkado and luck had it that I had the Meow in an old Inkadinkado set,perfect!

Speaking of 'musical', here is something very musical, it's our Quaver the Canary, he normally flutters between the kitchen and living room but he came looking for me today.


Right, back to work I go...


Use it up part 1


I promised I would show you some of the cards I made from The bag of bits...

The first one is made from bits that didn't hang around long


The stamped panel still had masking tape on it from when I did it in class as an extra card, the cog was left over from the same class, so I only added the card blank and the sentiment.


The heart card uses up the flower and the heart,I added the sentiment from Clarity and punched a piece of dark blue card, and the card blank of course.

Hope you like them!

See you soon.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Them bunny wabbits again!


Hope you are keeping well, I know some of you have snow again, please dont direct it towards the Northwest will you...

I have a few projects to show you but I thought I would how another sample from the last clarity shows


Oh look, it's another bunny card! Ok I may have gotten a little carried away with this set but to be fair there are 4 bunnies in the set, that would be our gang, Milly Posh Paws, Jakey, Samsung, and rest her sweet little soul, Saphire!

The sentiment I used was quite poignant, Posh Paws is my little friend especially when it's just us in the house and we curl up together, Jake and Sammy are best buddies who live together, and Saphire was happy to be everyones friend!

I just get the urge to put pics of the gang here now too....


Milly Posh Paws, lazy madam couldn't decide whether she was getting out of bed or not!

Jakey,the first 2 years of his life are a mystery but he is still wary of people..

Samsung, he isn't cute looking but he is a very protective friend to Jakey...


Last but not least, Saphire, through her short little life she had it all, good looks, brains and personality, and she will always be in our hearts!!!!!

Little tear in my eye now, lol..

Ok come back tomorrow to see a couple of the 'use it up' cards.

Have a good one!


Monday, 11 February 2013

Did you guess right?

Good morning!

It's time to tell you how many cards I made from the bag of bits




Well, I still have half a bag, and I made 30 cards, a lot of you correctly predicted time would influence what I would achieve.

So the closest guess was


who guessed exactly right!

Drop me an email with our address Theresa.


I will show you a few of the cards over the next few days.

Have a good day all.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Just for you

Good morning!

Today's card is one of a series I did for Creative Cardmaking issue 51, it's on the shelves now!

The theme was handmade paper from scraps.

For this one I added some Lavender pods to the paper for texture and left the edges raggy.

I coloured with a little red mica spray in the water while I made the paper.

The sentiment is from lili of the valley, swirl is a cheery Lynn die.

Hope you like it!


Saturday, 9 February 2013

A bit grungy..

Good morning!

It's Saturday and I'm NOT WORKING!!!yeah...

I thought I would take advantage of the free tickets for the craft show in Manchester, come and say hello if you spot me and Amber.

Right, a card..

This one is using the Travel stamp from Justrite


The background was created by stamping in versamark and brushing with mica.

Next I clear embossed and added vintage photo and aged mahogany inks.

Then stamped again and die cut the sprockets.

Hope you like it.

Have a nice weekend whatever your doing.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Bleach, it's not for housework you know..


Don't I sound full of life for 6am...I'm cheating again, its last night just before bed time! My bad...

Quick reminder first, have you had a guess at my giveaway? If not, scroll down a couple of posts to find it, today is your last chance.

Today's card is another from the weekends Clarity shows


Photo is a bit wobbly on this one, sorry..

I used the Clarity Rose and sentiment and a bit of bleach.

Hope you like it!



Thursday, 7 February 2013

A rose or a thorn?

Good afternoon

Hope you are all well

Today's card is another Clarity sample from the weekend

This one started it's life very differently, I fact it was almost in the bin.

I was supposed to be making a hanging heart, so I painted it then stamped in Archival, then when I glazed it the colour of the archival changed dramatically and I didn't like it anymore. So I threw it to one side, it ended up sat on this sheet of paper near some die cut swirls and I decided it didn't look too bad if I could tie the colours in together. What do you think?




Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I might as well blog then....

Good middle of the night!

Yeah that makes a change from good morning doesn't it..

Actually it's 3.46am

The boy bunnies Sam and Jakey woke me up just after 2 thumping their feet, they did that the night little Saphire died in November, so I never ignore them if it's more than a couple of thumps. I know they are safe from predators now they are in the shed but I still worry.

Anyway, I went out and the big drama was...their water bowl was empty!!! But that's better than finding something was actually wrong,right? Only now Im still shaking a bit, and I'm thinking about Saphire, I miss her like you wouldn't believe, she had such a funny little personality and we adored her...

Anyway, I thought I should do one thing constructive, so here is another of my Clarity samples from the weekend


This was a quickie using the corners and flourishes set, it started life as an ATC but I decided to mount it on a card.

I stamped and clear embossed the floral corner and harlequin then used some spray inks. I stamped and coloured the quirky tree at the top, added a shadow to the embossed bits with black pen, then stamped the air mail text and the kingfisher, it's not a kingfisher, I can't think of its name but it is 4.02am!

Anyway, the air mail and having a bird on here was supposed to be a bit quirky....

Hope you like it, another Clarity tomorrow me thinks.

Have a good one.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Less is More, Cream/Kraft.

Good Morning!

Today's card was made for the Cream and Kraft challenge over at Less is More, it's their 2nd birthday too, congrats to Chrissie, Jen, Mandi.


I had no idea what I was going to make when I started but this one just happened because the heart punch was sat on my desk.

Thanks for stopping by!