Friday, 31 July 2015

Finish it Friday #5

Happy Friday to you!

Yep another week done and dusted.

Busy one here, I'm off to do one of Susan Moran's fab parchment workshops, I've been really looking forward to it. I've also got to pack the car for my Shrewwsbury class tomorrow..

But right now, it's time for another run of Finish it Friday projects, this is where I've been delving through my discarded scraps and half finished bits and bobs, here's this week's offering.

It's an 8x8, you know I like big cards!

And every bit of this card came out of the use it up box,

Bit of Chatsworth paper from Paperartsy is behind the trellis die cut from Tonic.

Final piece of Bee paper from a nice Prima pad, wish I could get more of that.

And of course there has to be some Clarity, the circle die cut was stamped with the Briar Rose and sentiment, it was actually a part done demo piece from a class last year.

Here is the project that we did with the centre circle in class

Right then, I'm off!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Groovi Reindeer Wreath

Good Morning!

So much for summer eh, has it stopped raining where you are yet?

But seeing as the sun isn't cracking the pavement, I don't feel so bad about showing another Christmas card....

I really enjoyed making this, well Clarity Groovi is therapeutic...

I first transferred the reindeers and holly line art onto the parchment, then I used one of the border plates to put 2 basic square frames in place, next I added another border plate design around the frame.Then it was time for a little free hand to round the corners with the larger embossing tool.

I coloured with Spectrum Noir pencils.

Time to turn the parchment over and work from the front, I used a bold straight grid and single needle tool to add some piercing detail and cut a few little crosses. I used a two needle tool to pierce around the reindeer antlers, then carefully snipped the excess away, it looks lovely even without all the piercing and snipping too, take it as far as you feel comfy!

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

No syn fried rice


Hope your weekend has started well, I've actually got a Saturday off work, rare!

I've got tons of crafty projects to keep me out of mischief but first I thought id show you the tasty no syn fried rice I've been making.

Start by cooking your easy cook rice in a large pan, be sure to wash all the starch out first or rice will be sticky.

Five minutes before it's cooked through in plenty of veg, I used peas, green beans, carrots, peppers and sweetcorn and small amount of onion.

When cooked, drain and transfer into a hot wok or frying pan that's been sprayed with fry light.

Fry for a couple of minutes, then add a teaspoon of curry powder and couple tablespoons of soy sauce.

Beat an egg, or two if you're doing a big batch of rice.

Drizzle egg slowly into rice and stir at the same time, fry for two more minutes

Then serve, I had the new Slimming World Thai chicken burgers with mine.

Tastes great, shame about the photo!

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Good Morning!

Time for another FESTIVE card, see I didn't say the bad C word!

I put the bunting in place first, then sat the Dove on top.

This is my fave bird from the Doves Groovi plate, the other one has more feather detail.

Then I added the leafy bits from the dove plate.

I embossed a little, then coloured with Speccy pencils.

I hope you like it!

I'm currently camped out by the letterbox waiting for the new Groovi designs to arrive, I'm not addicted I?



Saturday, 11 July 2015



I thought it was time to blog a Christmas project, yep it'll be here soon enough lol...

I used

Christmas Wordchains

Christmas Wee Folk

Snowflake Groovi plates

Groovi starter kit

I do love black and white!

I stamped in black Archival ink, it needs to be heat set though, so give it a blast with your heat tool.

Have a lovely Sunday whatever you're doing, I'm being dragged kicking and screaming into town to do clothes shopping with Amber....


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Syn free veg quiche


I'm asked a lot about the Slimmimg World quiche I make, soo I thought id put it on my bloggy so I can do pics and words easier than Facebook....


Chop up your chosen veg, I've used plenty of tomato, mushroom, brocoli, courgette etc because they are speed food.

Fill your little silicon cases...

Little tip, if someone doesn't like mushrooms (Amber) then put those on the top so you can see which ones not to give her.

Beat your eggs with a good spoonful of fat free cottage cheese and quarter teaspoon of paprika.
6 eggs is enough for 12 little quiche

Spoon the egg mixture over the veg, sprinkle with black pepper.

Cook for about 20 minutes in hot oven.

I forgot to take a pic of these ones when they came out of the oven, but here's the last batch that had a bit of lean bacon in...

See, really easy! Slimming world is a great plan, I highly recommend it, click here to find out where your local group is.

I'm 4 stone lighter in just under 6 months, so I'm halfway, so I suppose it's time for before and after pics.....


March 2014, before I chopped my hair off!

Can't believe I'm showing you this....

June 2015

Incase you haven't seen me in a while, thats me holding Sam's name plate.

Hope you like the quiches, would love you to leave me a nice comment!