Friday, 30 August 2013



I just realised i didn't blog yesterday, so if I don't blog today either.......I'm trying to be a good blogger like I used to be,but I can't show you so much of what I've been working on lately.

Soooo, here's another magazine card to keep us ticking over.

I do love the Classroom Birdhouse kit, if you would like instructions for this or any of the other cards in the same feature, you need to grab a copy of Creative Stamping 12 available from craft shops or from Cutting Edge Crafts website with free postage.

Now speaking of Classroom kits, don't forget Barbara is back on Create and Craft tomorrow with the Classroom show and Sunday with the regular shows, the new stamps and stencils are now loaded onto the C&C website.

Back to work for me, have a good one whatever your doing.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Make your own, part 2.

Evening, yes I'm late on parade today, I've been to the zoo.

I did remember though, I said I would show you the other cards in this series...

So here they are.

The top one was made with a piece of foam cut randomly then die cut to remove a heart.

I also used a Clarity sentiment.

Below was made with the heart cut from the other piece of foam, I used a bit of stamp kissing on that one with my small Leafy Swirl from Clarity.

It was a fun assignment to do, but I still needed my beloved Claritystamps too!

So what do you think?




Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Make your own....

Good Morning

Back to work for lots of you, short week though if your an 'office hours' person.

I'm gonna be busy prepping a class today, no slacking allowed otherwise I can't go to the zoo tomorrow.

I still have a few bits I haven't shown you, this is part of a set I did for Creative Cardmaking a while ago

The theme was make your own stamps..


For this one I made a background stamp with Dewdrops.


For this one I die cut the music notes from foam


And for this one I used string glued to a wooden block

I thought these 3 were ok for teenagers, tomorrow I will show you the other 3 in the set.


Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, 26 August 2013

Did I show you these?

Good Morning

I was looking through the piccy albums on my iPad and I came across a handful that I don't remember showing you..

But apologies if I have already.

This is a set I did for Creative Stamping ages ago using the free stamps.

I had to make three pieces that could include a small gift, using UTEE.

Pair of earrings....

The photography isn't great....sorry.


A key ring..

Handbag charm.

The paper is from Prima but I can't remember what it's called.

Hope you like them.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday whatever your doing!


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Peachy Christmas Tree

Happy Bank Holiday!

I hope your enjoying your long weekend-assuming your not working that is.

I'm working so that I can have a day off on Wednesday, I have magazine work to finish and next weeks workshop needs prepping.

I couldn't decide what to show you today but finally settled on this...


This is another of me demo cards from Wednesday, I used the Through the Window set, the new Christmas Tree set, and the new Dove stencil.

My inspiration came from Lynne Hammond's stunning card, I loved it so much that I asked Lynne if I could do something similar, thanks again Lynne!

If you would like to see Lynne's version, it's here on her blog.

Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow.



Friday, 23 August 2013

Dove of Peace


Got to be mega fast this morning- I should be in the shower!

If you turn up to the last day of the Nottingham workshops and my hair looks a bit minty, then you'll know I spent too long blogging..

So here is the Dove of Peace card I demo'd on Create and Craft on Wednesday.


All the stamps and the new Stencils are back in stock on the Clarity website!

Right, have a good Friday gang, thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Yellow snow....


Well I had to blog this one of my demo's first didn't I...


I always have the intention of being ladylike when I go on the telly, but as soon as they put me with Nigel it always ends up in the gutter! Between talking about playing with our 'organs' and peeping Tom snowmen, and the yellow snow....what can I say! I love Mr May.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show yesterday and the new stamps and stencils were such a hit, really made my day when we had sell outs. I must give credit to the design team, they do a great job for Barb and I was very touched when they came through for my show also! And of course we must remember, it all starts with the fantastic Claritystamps....which are all available here.

Right, I'm outa here, it's the first day of workshops in Nottingham, so must dash.

Have a great day gang!

Ooh and leave me a comment so I know you dropped in, I can feel a comment giveaway coming soon...


Lost and confused, even more than usual....


Well I was going to tell you allllllllll about my LITTLE journey down to Peterborough, but to honest I'm too cream crackered to go through it,

But, I have this to say to Mr Highway big shot I'm gonna shut the road off arse wipe maintenance man, YOU OWE ME 40 MILES AND OVER AN HOUR OF MY LIFE, give it back!

I feel a little better now......

No but really, I'm not good with diversion signs, and neither is my satnav, so put me and my satnav together with a road closure and its always gonna end badly!

Deep breathing......

Oh and the bloke in the petrol station who directed me straight back onto the M6...which part of "the road is closed, i need a different route" was unclear to you???

And then, yeah, how did I end up on the M1 going the opposite direction to where I'd come from???

It's no bloody wonder I've put 15,000 miles on that car in 11 months is it, half of that is drivin round the Asda carpark looking for the exit!!

I'm feeling calmer now, so I'm gonna give you a sneaky peek at one of my samples for today....not showing you my Demo's though.

I hope you will make my pain and woe worthwhile and tune in to watch, Create and Craft, 11am, otherwise it's all been for nothing!


One final thought.....


Have a good one.






Monday, 19 August 2013

Waste not.....

Happy Monday to ya!

How was your weekend?

It was all work and no play here, but I did take Thursday off didn't I...

Anyway, what can I show you today....I'm itching to give you a sneak peek of the brand new stamps and stencils that will be on my Clarity Take Two show on Wednesday...but I can't,so I won't!

What about this instead...

When I was demo'ing the Gelli Plate at Stevenage last week it took a couple of goes to establish how fast the paint would dry, it was warm in there...

This was left on the Gelli after pulling a print and I quite liked it, so waste not want not, I used the adhesive sheet technique to pull it off and brushed with white Perfect Pearls.

Then I stamped the meadow dance and sentiment over the top using Archival.

Hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Summer nights, a bit of chocolate and a challenge...

Good morning!

Another blog post this week, people will start to talk....

I'm busy prepping for Create and Craft on Wednesday but I needed a breather, soooo, I thought I'd use a couple of bits from my desk to enter a brand new challenge over on the Sweet Lilac Flowers blog...

The theme is Summertime, but the rebel in me wanted to play...

So my entry represents a hot moody summer evening.

Actually I think I still have that Turkish Delight advert on the brain from a few days ago, or is it the Fruit n Nut, or am I obsessed with Chocolate?

But you remember the advert right?

This is the hotty....

Reality-closest I'm gonna get is Tommy down the kebab house


And below is me,obviously...

Reality-closest I ever got to this was falling asleep on New Brighton beach after a night

at RJ'S nightclub in 1988.

And here's the card

So apart from yearn for chocolate and that hot bloke, this is what I did...

Gelli plate base using Leafy Swirl stencil.

Used up some UTEE that was sat in my Meltpot to make the tiles, added a touch of Gilding wax.

Tiny bit of stamping with my Clarity Dragonfly.

An air dry clay fern leaf, sprayed beige to tone it down.

And some yummy flowers from Sweet Lilac, I sprayed the Poinsettia to tone them down and pretend they're not Christmas flowers!

Pins, pearls, twine, done!

Hope you like it!

There is a lurvly hamper of flowers up for grabs, so why not go and check out the challenge details here...

Have a lovely Sunday.


Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Gelli fish card

Good morning or happy middle of the night!

I'm not decided which it is yet, but I am feeling cheated out of some sleep again.

Anyway, I got sick of twiddling my thumbs in the dark and thought I might aswell blog.

Not a huge amount I can show you at he moment, it's all secret stuff, but I thought this would be ok...

This is using some tropical fish from Claritystamp, and the double bubble stencil on my Gelli plate. The fish are coloured with Distress markers.

The sentiment is actually on heat resistant acetate wrap, I managed to avoid the glare in the piccy,I must be getting better at this photography malarkey.

Hope you like it..

Have a great Saturday whatever your up to!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Tangled Flamingo

Happy Friday!

Yes the weekend is almost here, not that it makes much difference to me-my weekend is usually Mondays and Wednesdays time permitting.

I did take yesterday off instead and spent a few hours at Chester Zoo with the kids, the lionesses were having a nap right next to the fence, strangely fascinating to watch them sleep then wake up and have a stretch.

But it's back to work today, I'm on Create and Craft on Wednesday morning so I have to prep, there are a couple of new kits and Stencils on the show in addition to a couple of old faves.

No tv sneaky peaks today but here is a peak at another of the cards I did for Creative Stamping which is on sale now...

I do love this Flamingo!

Thanks for stopping by, have a good friday.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Winter Wishes


I just realised I'm becoming a good blogger again, is this four days consecutive?

Today's card is another of my German samples, Barbara had a good visit over there on Monday-all sold out!

This one uses the Winter Wonderland kit, letterbox, and new Snowflake stencil set.

I also enlisted he help of my ATC postage stamp which lives on my desk.

I'm hoping the text says Winter Wishes, but when you put your faith in a translation app it could quite possibly say anything!

Thanks for looking and leaving a comment...

Have a good one.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Another Ladies Diary card...


I promised you another card using my lurrrvly Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary papers didn't I.....


This is an 8x8 and it was really a quick one to make, also I didn't use very much of my precious papers either!

I bulked it up by using a large embossed background, and just added a couple swirls pearls and metal bits.

Hope you like it.

Monday, 12 August 2013

While Shepherds Watch...


Monday again, not sure how that happened but there it is..

My weekend was manic, Preston Saturday, Stevenage Sunday!

Today should be a day off but I need to tidy the devastation I create when packing for a busy weekend, also I have a magazine deadline this week which needs my attention.

I thought I'd show you another Clarity sample from this months new releases...

I used the Shepherd set and the new stunning Snowflake stencil set.

Not a great photo but I have glazed and lightly glittered the music scrolls.

Thanks for stopping by, come back tomorrow for another Graphic 45 card.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ello flower....


Actually it's Happy Slipper day, and guess what?

I have a new pair, oh yes, courtesy of Rachael one of my workshop ladies...I will of course be sporting them in class today- well I can't keep 20 ladies in line if I'm not comfy can I....

We are pattern building today with some of my fave Clarity corner stamps, but before I take off up the M58 I have a card to show you.


I used my new Cheery Lynn cutting die from Oyster and a lovely sentiment from Clarity, gave me a good opportunity to use the lovely flowers my buddy Jo Rice gave me from Sweet Lilac flowers.


I Don't think it needs anything else, I like it anyway.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

In the bleak midwinter...

Good Morning!

The week is running away with me but I'm still trying reeeeeeally hard to blog too..

Today's card is from the weekends Claritystamp shows, although I have a sneaky feeling it didn't arrive-cheers Postie!

I used the new In the bleak midwinter and While shepherds watch stamp sets, Shaded Lilac and Tumbled Glass distress ink pads.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love to hear from you!


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Little magazine preview...

Good Morning!

I'm busy finishing some magazine cards and i realised that I have a feature published this week...

I have done a variety of designs for Creative Stamping using some of the new Clarity designs.

There you are, quick preview!

Creative Stamping is available this week from your local craft shop or online from Cutting Edge Crafts.

Back to work I go, lots to do.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

A ladies Diary


I'm back from my camping trip and just doing the final wash load,unless Steven has a secret stash of festering undies, not unheard of....

So while I sit for 5 mins before I attempt to watch In the Classroom with Barbara on Create and Craft, I thought I would blog.

This is using the stunning Ladies Diary papers from Graphic 45, I have had them ages but have only recently exited the 'stroking pretty papers' phase, you do it too don't you?

I just cut bits up and added a few pearls,swirls and metal bits, oh and I covered the hexagon in microbeads for texture.


and no ink in sight........

Hope you like it.