Thursday, 25 July 2013

Douglas's Clarity love shack....


I've scheduled a couple of posts as I am taking a couple of quiet days...

This is one of the demos I did on the afternoon hour of my Clarity Take Two shows the other week.

I won't rattle on about it...

I used the Wrought Iron Dolls House set and the Silhuette Character set, stonewashed ink, A distress marker and the new Rose Art stencil.


hope you like it, thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Holly Tree

Good morning!

Hope you had a good weekend.

Here is the last of my samples for Barbara,s tv shows earlier this month

Im more of a contemporary Christmas person than traditional..

I stamped the imaged and covered them with masks, then brushed around with spun sugar ink and coloured with a couple of distress markers.

Hope you like it!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Gellied Thank You


So the day has arrived for lots of us....schools out for summer!

How will we cope juggling kids and work? Same as we always do is the answer.

Actually I'm expecting a tearful wreck at home time, Amber finished primary school today ready for high school in September, where did that 11 years go to!

Anyways...true to form,I didn't have time to do a decent thank you card for sir, but I did have this one hanging on a peg above my desk...


Gelli plate saves the day!

for the texture I just used some punchinella, big bubble wrap and an mdf cog.

I coloured with Distress marker, nice on Acrylics.

Right I'm off, magazine piece to get finished, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lone sailing ship, and a couple of demo samples..


Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you for the huge number of messages and emails I received after my Clarity Take Two shows yesterday!

Also, welcome to a couple of new blog followers, I'm glad you found me.

I haven't loaded all the pics of my demo samples yet so I will show you a couple now and some more tomorrow. But first here is one I found from Barbara's shows that you haven't seen...

This is using one of the new Sailing Ships and the matching musical scroll stamp.

I used an off cut from my Gelli Plate and a bit of pizza box ( I ate that pizza purely so I could create something to show you, no need to thank me)

Hot glue used for this too, it looks nicer in the flesh...I'm just not a great photographer!

Ok, I mentioned demo samples..


This one uses the Aliums, Rose Art set.

I love a bit of black and white.

Next is my painty demo....

This was my fave demo, i used the new Rose Art stencil, letterboc kit, numbers and symbols, and the sentiment, all available from

I'm really loving the System 3 paints from Barbara-you only need an extra tube of White and you can mix a ton of nice colours.

Hope you like!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


Friday, 12 July 2013

When your boat comes in....

Happy Friday to ya!

Another frantic one at Simms HQ, I have to get cracking on my telly demos for Tuesday, I now have an extra hour too, so 10am and 3pm, subject to change.

Also off to the hospital with Steve to see how the break is healing, I must ask for some foam or something for the crutches, his hands are so sore he has blisters on his blisters! Ok that's an exaggeration....

Oh then I have to pack the car for Saturday's Meltpot class.

Enough waffle here's a card..

Another one using the new Clarity Ships, the ABC stencil and Dotty Wave.

I used Phalo Turquiose and Pistachio System 3 paint on my Gelli Plate.

And yes I know the horizon in tilted, it's quirky....

I love my Gelli!!!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Friday.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Do kitties like pears....?


I'm being very good aren't I, blogged 4 days on the trot!

This is another sample from the weekend, I know the Pear tree is supposed to be part of the Clarity Christmas collection but I just wanted to rebel a little...

I also used the birds and kitty from the birdhouse set, and mini wrought iron bench, now either that kitty is mesmerised by those huge Pears or he has bad intentions for the birdies? Surely not because he reminds me of Barb and Daves Black Cat Romeo, he's a sweet affectionate old guy.

If my memory serves me right, I used the left over ink from my Splodge to colour the Pear tree, purple twilight and lettuce.

That's it for today, thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ship Ahoy

Good Morning

Another busy one for me, prep for my class at the weekend, my Clarity Take Two tv show next Tuesday, the premier of Ambers play, emptying shed no.2 ready to be pulled down, and I'm sure looking after cripple Steve will keep me busy in any spare seconds-Amber kindly gave him a little bell to shake when he needs something,thanks Amber.....not!

So I can safely say there will be no time to blog, so I'm scheduling before I go sleep..

I did this one with my Gelli, an ink pad and a couple of new stamps from Claritystamp.

I want to tell you all about the card but I'm struggling to stay awake, so goodnight but actually good morning when this goes live, are you confused, I am too....


Monday, 8 July 2013

Manic Monday


Did you enjoy the weekend? Lovely weather wasn't it, but too hot if you have to race around doing things..

That's what today holds too, it really will be manic,lots going on work and home,so while I'm having my coffee before it all kicks off I thought I would show you my second classroom sample from Saturday.

I used the same colours and layout as the Dogrose card, because I love the colours and I love the layout and just because I can!

I used this set for one of my magazine cards too,but I can't show you that yet..

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a good one!


Sunday, 7 July 2013


Good Morning

Blog posts 2 days on the trot, shocking I know...

This is a card I made using my Gelli Plate and one of the great new Clarity Stencils

I love that the stencil has the whole alphabet so I can personalise, I love the font too,great for teen and bloke cards.

I also used a couple of different font Claritystamps.

Hope you like it!



Saturday, 6 July 2013

Happy middle of the night!

Yeah well I won't harp on about what time I'm writing this or give you my excuses for being AWOL for 2 weeks....

Anyways, it's Clarity weekend!

And I have cleverly secured the morning off work so I can stamp along with the Classroom show,really looking forward to it.

This is one of my samples using the Classroom kit

I did a simple Gelli background using two of the new Clarity stencils, stamped the birdhouse in Archival, then stamped the tall flowers in Purple Twilight, accented with white pen, added the sentiment and the birdies- I really love birdies!

Hope you like it, can't wait to see what we do with these stamps at 11am with Barbara.