Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lost and confused, even more than usual....


Well I was going to tell you allllllllll about my LITTLE journey down to Peterborough, but to honest I'm too cream crackered to go through it,

But, I have this to say to Mr Highway big shot I'm gonna shut the road off arse wipe maintenance man, YOU OWE ME 40 MILES AND OVER AN HOUR OF MY LIFE, give it back!

I feel a little better now......

No but really, I'm not good with diversion signs, and neither is my satnav, so put me and my satnav together with a road closure and its always gonna end badly!

Deep breathing......

Oh and the bloke in the petrol station who directed me straight back onto the M6...which part of "the road is closed, i need a different route" was unclear to you???

And then, yeah, how did I end up on the M1 going the opposite direction to where I'd come from???

It's no bloody wonder I've put 15,000 miles on that car in 11 months is it, half of that is drivin round the Asda carpark looking for the exit!!

I'm feeling calmer now, so I'm gonna give you a sneaky peek at one of my samples for today....not showing you my Demo's though.

I hope you will make my pain and woe worthwhile and tune in to watch, Create and Craft, 11am, otherwise it's all been for nothing!


One final thought.....


Have a good one.







  1. Great card can't wait to catch up on t internet later as I'm at work boooooo. I did laugh at.the road work sign, glad you got there eventually. Have a fab day x

  2. Morning, poor you....not a good journey.....but I do love the way that you tell it.....sorry.
    Great card and such a cute snowman but still a hunk....of
    Have a fab day.....I know you will....hugs....x

  3. Cute card Maria - I love snowmen. I'll be watching your show & thinking of all the hassle you had to get there. Great roadwork sign, obviously the workmen are on a go-slow! Pat x

  4. oh your poor thing, now I remember why I don't drive! I will definitely be watching you show! Love your snowman card. Now breathe and drink tea! A huge rum would probably be better but it might not be good for your demo!!! xx

  5. omg sorry for laughing Maria!!!!but i couldnt help it!!loving the card!xx

  6. I love it. I needed that giggle. How did you get on with Nottingham traffic? I went wrong on the way there, and twice on the way back. I was lucky, though. Jane (my satnav) was very patient with me and gently redirected me. xx Maggie