Sunday, 25 August 2013

Peachy Christmas Tree

Happy Bank Holiday!

I hope your enjoying your long weekend-assuming your not working that is.

I'm working so that I can have a day off on Wednesday, I have magazine work to finish and next weeks workshop needs prepping.

I couldn't decide what to show you today but finally settled on this...


This is another of me demo cards from Wednesday, I used the Through the Window set, the new Christmas Tree set, and the new Dove stencil.

My inspiration came from Lynne Hammond's stunning card, I loved it so much that I asked Lynne if I could do something similar, thanks again Lynne!

If you would like to see Lynne's version, it's here on her blog.

Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow.




  1. lovely Maria
    love that window
    and the background is fab

  2. Beautiful card Maria. I love your peeping snowmen! Thanks for the kind words about my card, I was so touched that you liked it. x

  3. Beautiful image on your card Maria xx

  4. Lovely card Maria - I have had these stamps for ages and not really used them much - you have inspired me to get them out again thank you

  5. Lovely Maria Love your snowmen xx

    1. yEah, yOu're riGht Bernie Simons!!! i feel great with this card. it seems Christmas everyday

  6. Love the cheeky snowman and it was great watching you do it on the telly xx

  7. Lovely card, especially with that cheeky snowman. That meant I had to order the stencil after seeing the beautiful things you created with it. xx Maggie

  8. Hi,
    I really appreciate the card and it looks cool to me. It is because it's "bEr month" and Christmas is coming to town. Lol!! By the way, I'm also a fan of Lynne Hammond. Hope we can share about this stuff. Looking forward to yousoon.
    Anyway, If you have time to check my ThermoMorph and I'm sure you will like it. Hope you can visit it. Thanks and more power!!!