Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Make your own, part 2.

Evening, yes I'm late on parade today, I've been to the zoo.

I did remember though, I said I would show you the other cards in this series...

So here they are.

The top one was made with a piece of foam cut randomly then die cut to remove a heart.

I also used a Clarity sentiment.

Below was made with the heart cut from the other piece of foam, I used a bit of stamp kissing on that one with my small Leafy Swirl from Clarity.

It was a fun assignment to do, but I still needed my beloved Claritystamps too!

So what do you think?





  1. Really clever Maria....It is good to have a makes us think ...good to do something a bit different....hope you enjoyed the zoo.x

  2. Brilliant cards on this and your last post. Such fabulous ideas! I hope you have a fab time at the zoo xx