Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Them bunny wabbits again!


Hope you are keeping well, I know some of you have snow again, please dont direct it towards the Northwest will you...

I have a few projects to show you but I thought I would how another sample from the last clarity shows


Oh look, it's another bunny card! Ok I may have gotten a little carried away with this set but to be fair there are 4 bunnies in the set, that would be our gang, Milly Posh Paws, Jakey, Samsung, and rest her sweet little soul, Saphire!

The sentiment I used was quite poignant, Posh Paws is my little friend especially when it's just us in the house and we curl up together, Jake and Sammy are best buddies who live together, and Saphire was happy to be everyones friend!

I just get the urge to put pics of the gang here now too....


Milly Posh Paws, lazy madam couldn't decide whether she was getting out of bed or not!

Jakey,the first 2 years of his life are a mystery but he is still wary of people..

Samsung, he isn't cute looking but he is a very protective friend to Jakey...


Last but not least, Saphire, through her short little life she had it all, good looks, brains and personality, and she will always be in our hearts!!!!!

Little tear in my eye now, lol..

Ok come back tomorrow to see a couple of the 'use it up' cards.

Have a good one!



  1. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful card, Mary x

  2. Beautiful card Maria and I love the photo of Milly Posh Paws, my dog does exactly the same thing with her bed, x

  3. Great card Maria and gweat wabbits. X

  4. Great card Maria and gweat wabbits. X

  5. Lovely card and Photos too Maria. xx

  6. Brilliant card Maria and so glad that you shared your bunny photos with us. Have a good day. X

  7. This card caught my eye even as a thumbnail, it is beautiful, this wabbit set is hopefully on its way to me as we speak. Bought purely on inspiration from all the Clarity Dt team. Love all the wabbity photos, they all have their own little characters no wonder you loved this stamp set .. it was right up your street xxx

  8. Aw love your card Maria! The bunny stamps are cute! Love the pics of all your bunnies and their stories! Has I've said before to you I was never a bunny person but seeing your rabbits and now these stamps I've been converted!!! Take care now and hope your aches and pains go soon! Xxx

  9. Oh so gorgeous is the real thing...lol as is your card Maria its stunning lovely die cuts too! x

  10. Lovely card Maria and gorgeous pics thanks for sharing xx Sue J