Sunday, 24 February 2013

Squiggly writing and moroccan discs..


If blogsy does as it's told I will be halfway to Stevenage when this goes live...

If your passing the Leisure centre come and say hello to the Clarity team.

So today's card, a little out of the ordinary for me isn't it..

It's another 'use it up', the little discs have sat in the bag since I demo'd the Moroccan Spellbinders, this one isn't he most usable in the set but I did quite like how this turned out, what do you think?


so I just added he card blank for this one..

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Morning Maria, So pretty is your card x

  2. I'm liking ttese 'use up' cards, they are so sweet, clean and simple. prooving less is often more.

  3. Lovely card Maria! I totally love the discs and the sentiment is neat how it is placed!

  4. Very different, simple and gorgeous! I love the way you have done the sentiment xx

  5. I must have missed this blog post Maria so- sorry I am late in visiting. simple yet pretty. I love how how you have used up all these bits on these cardsx