Thursday, 14 February 2013

Together for 37 years!

Yeah! That's how long I have been with my frog, how many years have you managed with yours?

Happy Valentines Day to ya!


This valentines day he is trying to woo me by showing me his cuddly side with little girl teddy, or is he trying to make me jealous?

Either way, get off my desk Kermit!

I'm afraid I am to valentines what Scrooge is to Christmas, so bah humbug..

Oh I suppose I better show a lovey Dovey card hadn't I...


There you go, it's another made from the bag of bits, I will make Kermit a nice one when it's our 40th year together...


Have a great day whether your loved up or not!



  1. I must be loved :-)

    like the card but not for a valentine tho. Whats the equivalent of bah humbug...rhubarb rhubatdb?

  2. Very cool card you humbug you! xx