Thursday, 28 February 2013

Happiness is....

Good morning, I'm a little late today, I never manage to rush when it's very cold outside.

The man in the kebab shop gave me the weather outlook a couple of days ago but I switched off when he started explaining about the the warm air from Timbuktu meeting he cool air from wherever....but apparently it's gonna be cold for a few days.

Anyways.. Here is another 'use it up' jobby


This one uses a bit of card I used o mop up some ink off my Splodge, I quite liked this one and knew it needed the Meadow Dance stamp from Clarity, the swirl was also in the bag. So I just added the stamping and card blank.

This is my second fave from the 'use it up' stuff, I'm saving my fave until last.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful x

  2. Love it. Possibly my favourite card ever.

  3. Very tranquil colours here. :) fab card

  4. We had a beautiful sunny day today a little cold not no rain which was nice and hopefully the weekend will be the same.............Beautiful and Elegant card Maria xx

  5. Beautiful card Maria, and it all goes together perfectly....hope it warms up for you soon. X