Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Workshop Wednesday #1


As there was no Groovi Tuesday this week, we need a Workshop Wednesday instead, usually it will just be a little peek at a project I've done in a workshop, past or present, but as today is the first one we'll have a step by step...

Grab your Lapwing stamps ready and a piece of Clarity stencil card.

Using Cobalt archival ink, stamp the lapwings in place, take note of where the big fella is at the bottom, cover the birds with masks. Put a border of low tac tape around all four sides and put a moon mask in place.

Prepare your Brayer with Clover adirondack ink

Brayer the sky, then the bottom area too, leave a nice band of white through the middle though.

Using the Tangle stencil and clarity brushes, add a little texture to the bottom area only, just sweep gently in one direction from the bottom of the stencil upwards.

Remove the moon mask and replace with the aperture part instead, gently add a little weathered wood ink along one side of the moon.

Remove all masks and masking tape.

Use a marker or pencil to add shade to the birds, note, I used an alcohol marker even though I stamped with archival, I was very very careful not to touch the stamped line art with the marker or it could make it bleed and ruin my pen.

Terrible shadow on this pic, sorry!

The finished one is a bit better, but I'll never be a photographer.

Hope you like it, the class did once they got over the fear of the Brayer, funnily enough Barbara mentions fear of the Brayer on her blog today, Dave's strategy made me laugh!

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully see you Friday for another piece of bodged artwork from heartbreak corner.



  1. Hi Maria, I am not into too much stamping but I like what you have done here, very interesting.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Love this. I really enjoyed doing this one. More like this please. Xxx

  3. Wonderful, love the step by step. Thanks. I used to be afraid of the brayer but Sazz showed me how to use correctly. xx

  4. Really pretty card as always your so talented and creative in all that you do x

  5. I enjoyed this one too. Really fresh and attractive. Thanks for the reminder on how to achieve it. xx Maggie

  6. Lucky ladies, lovely artwork, my brater has been seriously neglected xx

  7. Oooh, happy memories of doing this card in class. I have been playing with painty brayer this evening. Xxx

  8. Beautiful Maria. Really Really lovely xxx

  9. This is really lovely and your instruction was awesome . Thanks so much

  10. Lovely, your moon is really good, almost jumps off the page.

  11. Love this card Marie, really like how you've used the tangle stencil and as Pam Gantley says the moon jumps off the page.xx

  12. Sorry Maria, spelling error above.x