Sunday, 24 January 2016

Soul Food Sunday #4. A day in the life..

Hi there, thanks for popping in.

I'm asked a lot on FB to post what I eat, so today instead of showing you one idea, I thought id show you a whole day.

So the day I chose started with breakfast, wierdly enough...

That little lot contains 1/2 a syn for the HECK Paprika sausages.

Onto lunch...

Potato skins stuffed with tomato, mushrooms, peppers, little fat free cottage cheese, topped with chives and grilled. Zero syns!

Dinner next...

Sweet n Sour chicken, this is a syn free Slimming World recipe, it is seriously nice, I could have had boiled rice with it, but I just wanted to eat it on it's own.

So up to now I've had 1/2 a syn out of my allowance, which means I can eat alllllllll of this too...

And if I was hungry in between I can eat tons of fruit, muller light yogurt.


I can have plenty of tea and coffee if I use my milk allowance, couple of diet cokes, diet bitter lemon.

So that's my day! I feel full just looking at the pics.

Enjoy your Sunday.




  1. Thank you for all your ideas and inspiration xx

  2. Wow that all looks delicious, doesn't look like dieting at all xx

  3. Thanks for sharing, Maria. This would be more than I could eat in a day... which is the benefit of slimming world x

  4. Awesome food day sweetie. Thanks for sharing. Xxx

  5. that is a lot of food for 1/2 syn and looks yummy too xx

  6. Wow Maria that all looks great! Thank you for sharing your foodie ideas xx