Sunday, 10 January 2016

Soul Food Sunday #2

Good Morning!

It's time for another FOOOOOD blog post, so if you don't like food look away now! Lol

I think a pudding is in order, how about this one for 2 1/2 syns?

It's so easy, I don't do complicated.

I started with a meringue nest, this is where the syns are.

I then mixed a spoonful of sweetener with Quark, do you know what Quark is? I googled for a picture to show you, this is what came up first...

Hot isn't he....

The picture I really wanted was this one..

I put some of the sweetened Quark into the meringue next then layered up with lots of fresh fruit, I then added more sweetened Quark, drizzled half a pot of toffee Muller Light yogurt over, then topped with a couple more strawberry slices.

It was seriously delicious, just try it!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Sunday.



  1. Ooooo thanks looks yummy, I have a terrible sweet tooth x

  2. Ooh that sounds delish Maria. Thanks for sharing. Although I am not a huge pud lover I think something like this might just save me from something more "harmful" lol.

  3. Meringue nests are a good standby for those sweet moments. I love quark, the proper stuff not that rather strange creature. Thanks Maria. xx

  4. Oh my yummy will have to give this a try later :) Thanks for sharing :)
    Linda xxx

  5. Thanks for cheering me up. I love meringue and didn't know they were so few syns. I love quork too. It reminds me of petit suisse, a cheese in little pots like petit filou. We used to eat it as children in the 1980's when holidaying in South of France. We used to sprinkle sugar on it then too. Happy times ...and more to come once I've bought some meringues xxx

  6. The top bit looks good but I have never been a fan of that type of meringue. I like lemon meringue but that is all. However the fruit bit is right up my street. xxx Maggie