Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Shepherd's Purse canvas

Good Afternoon!

It's been another busy day, I've been up the motorway again today, I've signed the adoption papers for Tilly so it's official now.

In among all the hustle and bustle of the last few days, I did get a little play last night, I wanted to use up a couple of offcuts etc, so this is one of the bits I made...

I had a canvas painted with base layer of Paperartsy Taupe paint and a layer of crackle glaze over the top, so it just needed finishing off. I added the top layer of a pale blue paint, can't remember which one, then when it dried all crackly I brushed some inks through my clockwork Clarity stencil.

I also had some small pieces from when I'd been walking the Brayer and stencilling on top, so I used one of those to stamp the Shepherd's Purse (drawn by Amanda Branston) in Archival ink and coloured.c


Hope you like it!

I will take it to Happy Stampers at the weekend so some of you can have a closer look.



  1. I love it Maria and am looking forward to Happy Stampers on Saturday!!! Xxx

  2. It's lovely Maria, wishing I could be a Happy Stamper too! xx

  3. Beautiful and makes me feel all proud x thank you x

  4. This is a lovely piece of home décor. The crackle background is very effective. I wish I could come with the ideas you have for all my odd bits from playing around.... but that's why you're the inspiring teacher and I'm the pupil.

    So happy to hear that everything has worked out so well for Tilly and the Simms family. It is so lovely that you have given a needy dog a home. My old cocker spaniel Shelby was a dog I rescued when she was 2 and we had many happy years together until she was 14. It wasn't always easy and she had a few issues but I made a vowel when I took her on not to give up with her and she rewarded me in many ways. It seems that Tilly is already returning your love and I'm sure that you will have many happy years ahead.
    Have a good time at Happy Stamper on Saturday. I'm sure this canvas will be much admired. xxxx

  5. this is beautiful. love that crackle glaze effect. the colours are soft and serene, brill xx

  6. I love it Maria,, see you Saturday x

  7. I love this canvas. Amanda's shepherd's purse stamp is very pretty, waiting for mine to arrive. You produce some beautiful pieces of art. xx

  8. Yay for Tilly Simms.

    Beautiful artwork,I obviously need these paints and crackle paint xx

  9. Saw your canvas in the flesh today Maria. And it looks even better...you inspired me to buy some paints...so wish me luck,,,x