Monday, 11 May 2015

Pretty in Turquoise

Good Morning!

Yep I know it's Monday, but it's also a fresh new week, a blank canvas, who knows what could happen...

I'm not totally sure why I feel so optimistic today, i slept very badly with several nightmares and then was awoke by child número uno throwing up in the bathroom, too much junk food over the weekend probably!

Before I lose my optimism and go back to bed I better show you a card

This is one I did for a magazine a while ago but forgot to show you...

I'm a little envious of this lady, not just her waistline but also her clothes actually fit properly, you should have seen the pantomime in my bedroom on Friday night trying to find something nice to wear for Port Sunny, I was actually safety pinned together in the end!

The accessories are from this stamp set, which was designed for the American tv launch of Clarity, it's available worldwide though. I'm sure you'll recognise the text as one of the Wordchains.

That's all from me, I have a list of stuff to do, thanks for stopping by and have a good Monday!



  1. Lovely card, as always! xx

  2. Great card
    Saw it on line in the magazine but never managed to get the issue

  3. I love this card , I brought this set and haven't done much with them yet , . I think I should ,don't you ?..x

  4. Just realised the lady is a stencil not a stamp. Lovely card xxx