Friday, 22 May 2015

Finish it Friday #2

Good Morning!

I'm not sure where that week went to, it's really flown by, it was Thursday before I knew it!

So I had a frantic dig in the box of unloved half finished projects and leftovers.

I needed something I could complete very quickly because I've had a very busy day, so I opted for an inky Gelli print from ages ago...

So all I needed to do was trim it down, stamp the flower (a new design club stamp) and the Wordchain.

Tiny bit of colouring, then brush black ink around the edges for a smoky look.

Job done!


Sorry I haven't linked products, it's actually after 10pm Thursday night and I've just got home from class, not had tea yet and I'm shattered! So just pop over to the Claritystamp website and have a look around.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend.



  1. Lovely card Maria. I often use this edelweiss stamp. This week has definitely had less hours in it. You must be shattered working so late ... and not eating, tut tut! Take care, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at Preston xx

  2. Morning missus glad to see ypu delving into the box. Enjoyed last night and looking forward to tomorrow xx

  3. Well look T you with your spacious very clean desk! Want to come and sort mine? This is a lovely backing Maria and a lovely card. Sam xxx

  4. Fabulous card hun ....... what a pretty little flower. I think I need to make a start on going through my box of half finished stuff! See you later hun 😊 xxx

  5. Nice card, very tidy work area !