Friday, 27 February 2015

Sneak peek, and a sneak peek...

Good morning!

I said I'd give you a sneak peek didn't i...

Sunday 9am-11am, Barbara will be doing some splendidly superb demo's with the new lovelies on Create and Craft.

I'm confident you will LOVE this months new Claritystamps, I just wish id been able to spend more time playing with them, but I've given myself tomorrow (yes a Saturday) off work, so if I get my jobs done I will continue to play....

But before then I need to test my new wetroom...


I think we'd all fit in there-but that's not an invite!

And of course I need to choose some new accessories, they must be classy though...

Which loo seat, I can't decide...


Thanks for stopping by



  1. Maria, priceless, but the wetroom looks wonderful. Enjoy.

  2. You are so funny Maria, but seriously, the wetroom looks great. Hope it is everything you dreamed of. Xxx

  3. Your new bathroom looks fab Maria. I'd be in there all day, I'd be growing gills! The card looks lovely as do the new sneaky peaks. Xxx

  4. Wow that looks fabulous - I am coming to visit - just to use the shower!! Hmmm neon I think but not sure about the loo roll cover! PMSL!! Excited for the fairy folk - will be up early to place my order that's for sure cos think they will be very very popular. Enjoy your day off - you deserve it. xxx

  5. Oh what are you like that wet room looks fantastic . it will be so much better for you as long as the kids dont leave all the towels on the floor lol

  6. Lovely wet room Maria hope you like using it! x

  7. Congrats, you can shower. Sneak peak looks good. I'd go for neon!