Monday, 9 February 2015


Good afternoon and welcome to my new followers, I'm pleased you found me!

So how was the weekend?

Mine rocked, yes literally! I had the most fantastic pleasure and privilege of watching my 15 year old boy and his bandmates play at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, he has been so nervous as it's gotten closer, he has never had actual music lessons but he plays the guitar superbly and within the last few months he's taught himself to play bass guitar too! But I think he was more nervous about singing in front of a crowd. Anyway, all the lads did great in front of a crowd of about 200, and were well received!

Couple of pics....

This is Steve, singing and playing Bass

This is Chris playing lead guitar, and you can see Ieuan on the drums

And they won another gig!



And just to prove they are a proper rock band, I managed to get a sneaky look at the dressing room carnage.....


Right I need to shift myself!

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  1. Fantastic, what a thrill to play in the Cavern club. We saw the Beatelles a couple of years ago x

  2. Yay well done Steve, you must be as pleased as punch for him! Do hope you're not the designated driver for them, could be a lot of miles travelled! lol

  3. That's so cool! You must so proud of him xxx

  4. Excellent ... Good Job ! As they say in the USA , I well remember my first gig, and that was 46 yrs. ago ...yikes! Well done to Steve, and Team Simms,x. I wonder who will doing the album cover !