Friday, 13 February 2015

Peachy Briar Rose

Blogging while waiting for tea to cook is becoming a trend here this week, or is it just that I find myself actually cooking properly more often...

So, as usual I've rifled through my pics to see what I can show you, I love this one.

I used my Briar Rose stamp, and Love and Best Wishes, I use that a lot too.

I did a emboss resist, then brayered terracotta and added a shadow.

Wanna see my tea?

Slimming World Jalfrezi with Quorn, smells good but I might have been a bit heavy on the spices lol.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Beautiful card Maria .... I love the little Briar Rose. Tea looks yummee by the way .... enjoy! xx

  2. I loved this class too but I think I love your tea more!!!

  3. lovely card. i did notice that you use that sentiment quite often.
    tea looks yummy but i don't like the quorn texture. could always eat veggies xx

  4. Love the way the emboss resits jump off the page. Beautiful colours. Not sure about the Jalfreezi though.