Thursday, 26 February 2015

Better late than never...


Is it nearly the weekend again already? I need a few more days in the week at the moment, and a clone would be handy.

I've had to split myself between work and being home for the builders for the past 10 days, so I'm a bit behind on things, I was behind on things the week I made this card too, so my lovely friend Mandy Moo didn't get it on time - but she did like it when she got it!

I used a ton of Claritystamps with my Colour Chemistry ink sprays, oh the lushness!

A bit of metal was in order too, and little wooden letters which I decided to leave natural.

Right then, I need to get back to the half finished sample on the table, then I'm off to bed for an early night.

Thanks for stopping by, pop in tomorrow for a sneak peek of a Clarity sample for telly on Sunday, and I'll give you a peek of my finished wetroom!