Monday, 28 January 2013

Blokey old gift bag..

Good morning

Well the snow has all gone here, thankfully! Hope it's warming up where you are.

Today's project is a tad different, I managed to snaffle a batch of these cool Kraft bags to decorate...

Here's the first one


I had planned to do a pretty one but then I looked at bits that were lying around on my desk, and this is what happened....

I used some spray inks, bubble wrap and a cog mask from Splodge Away.

I did ask Stevie if it looked Blokey but I just got a teenage grunt, that could be good or bad, I'm never sure...

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. It's gorgeous Maria but I don't know about blokey! I'd love to have one like it! Maybe it will do both! Take care xxx

  2. I dont.think its blokey either its got pink on.
    I think its lovely.

    hugs Linda xx

  3. No not blokey - it's lovely Maria.xx

  4. Great bag Maria, and I think it is unisex bag , fits all.... Please tell me it is full of chocolate too....hugs. X

  5. Love it Maria xxx I read his blog last night and I have to say he's very good!!! History was my fave subject so hes not a nerd at all xxxxxxxxxxx lol

  6. It's very pretty Maria and i too think it could be unisex xx

  7. Its fabulous and could be blokey or girly. xx