Saturday, 18 January 2014

Too good for the bin me thinks..

Good Morning!

And once again I'm struggling for something creative to show you while I'm getting organised..

I do apologise if I end up showing you something I've already shown you, I do try and scroll back as much as I can to check.

This is one of my fave pieces ever ever ever, possibly because it came from a piece of waste..

It started off a piece of Gelli plate waste, like this one

It's not great is it.....

Until you throw a couple of Claritystamps, some ink and a Clarity stencil at it.


It's quite a big piece, about A4 size.

The stamps and stencil i used are...

Remountable trees and mantle set

Remountable Sapling set

Curly strip 2 part stencil

I hope you like it.

I think eventually I will ask Barbara if I can have it back for my wall, I really do love it.

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  1. What a difference some ink and fabulous stamps make , not helping my hoarding tendancies lol xx

  2. This is a lovely piece if artwork Maria. More proof that you should never throw anything away...x

  3. It's fabulous Maria! I love the colours of it! X

  4. It's fabulous Maria! I love the colours of it! X

  5. I can see why its a favourite Maria, the colours are wonderful x

  6. So creative Maria its lovely x

  7. Hi maria
    This masterpiece from a scrap of paper. What a genius.

  8. It's gorgeous Maria looks like the who thing was planned. It's great when you see a picture in these backgrounds isn't it. Xxx

  9. You might have a problem getting it back, Maria. Barbara has probably already put it on her wall. It just shows we should not be too hasty throwing apparent messy stuff away. A bit of thought and inspiration and you end up with a beautiful piece of art. xx Maggie
    PS Hope the move is going well.

  10. really lovely artwork. that is why my house is so full of stuff as i never throw things away xx