Friday, 17 January 2014

The security team...


Wanna see what's new at the unit??

Well it's not actually at the unit, but it will be when it's done...

Here is the raw materials, can you guess what it's gonna be??

And with such valuable building materials I thought I needed a security guard, or 3.

Milly Posh Paws is hoping for a uniform...

Sam's shift....

And little Jake taking the job very seriously...don't mess with him.


Another addition is a cool little warehouse trolley...

This will make the move easier on Sunday, but also very useful for transporting heavy workshop boxes around venues.

I just got to get my spanner on the wheels!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. All looking good Maria, would lobe to come and have s nosey x

  2. All looking good Maria, would lobe to come and have s nosey x

  3. How exciting ! Is it shelving or a large notice board? Xx

  4. Exciting times Maria. Looks like the whole family are on board! X

  5. Definitely think the bunnies should have a uniform with a little peaked cap LOL! The Wood...hmmm, can't be another desk, no legs for a table, looks like you've got trim to go on it you've got me stumped x

  6. Very large notice board? Will have to try and visit your neck of the woods sometime. xxxxx

  7. Hello Maria!
    Love the security guards! Wouldn't want to mess with them!
    I hope all goes well with furnishing the Unit
    Take Care
    Love Marg