Thursday, 9 January 2014

Kind hearts are the garden...

Good morning!

Very quick post today because I'm busy having a battle of wills with stroppy teenagers who have a headache and don't feel well, translation....were up too late messing about on iPads etc when supposed to be asleep, so no sympathy. I'm a nasty unfeeling mother without a kind heart...

Speaking of kind hearts...

I wonder if in 10 years if they had crap qualifications and a crap job because I let them stay home and lay in bed half the day...would they thank me?



  1. Another lovely idea for this stamp.

    Don't take any nonsense, actions have consequences, a hard lesson learned xx

  2. Oh very clever, like this very much. Thanks for the inspiration Maria.

  3. lol we have cut off time lap tops and electric devices on dinning room table half hour before bed time they love me NOT hehe

  4. Hi Maria
    Love today' card. And no they wouldn't thank you at all. I think all teenagers are stroppy nowadays. I know my grandchildren are.

  5. Love what you have done here Maria - that heart stamp is obviously going to be very useful xx