Saturday, 16 June 2012

Im in the garden

Its Slipper day..for you maybe!
I am busy working today so slippers will have to stay at home and keep Milly Posh Paws company.
Today I have a door hanger to show you, being honest I have always thought of door hangers as only useful for kids bedroom doors but then I got to thinking (yes it gave me a headache)and I thought about how many times when the kids are in and out of the house and say "where's mum?" or "where's Steve?" so stick this on the inside of the back door so they know where you are.
Not a great idea to hang it outside the front door for the world to see though-the burglars may disagree with me!
Stamps used are from the Clarity 4 day deal and also my Clarity Scrabble set. 
I stamped in Coffee Archival and added a little tea dye stain.

Right thats it from me, you got your slippers on? good, have a good one.


  1. This is a brill idea ... yeah... best not stick it on the front door lol !
    E xx

  2. Lovely idea Maria think i will have to make a couple of these for that exact use love it xx hazel

  3. Love this Maria ...wonder if it will work on the dog too LOL xx

  4. This is brilliant and a great idea maria:)x

  5. I've seen these for outside the house, but I think you could have started a new trend, you could have ones for I'm in the kitchen , I'm in the bath and so on....Could save an awful lot of..'where are you mum?'

  6. Brilliant idea Maria, I have ordered these stamps , so may I borrow your idea please? Thanks for the inspiration. X

  7. Fab! This door hanger is definitely not for kids.