Wednesday, 20 June 2012

For a sweet one!

Good Morning to you!
Im trying really hard to get back to blogging every day (ish) so here is another of my makes for the Clarity 4 day deal.

This is using the Baking/Kitchen set, my Clarity Scrabble set and my Hougie board!
Its quite self explanatory this one isnt it, so I wont bang on about it.
I thought this might be a nice idea for party boxes for kids.

Ok I have to get some work done, after a relatively sedate couple of days its busy again today, so see you soon.


  1. Really pretty box, nice to put a little treat in!

  2. I love the tag, been inking some up myself today, then I look at the simplicity of this and think why can't I do that??? Its lovely.