Friday, 27 January 2012

Could this be the last bad picture from me!!!!

Maybe, maybe not!
The super cool new camera arrived, so all I need now is an SD card and to work out 
A, where the SD card goes
B, how to switch it on
C, how to take photos
D, how to load them onto my laptop

and if you think thats easy, please remember its ME we are talking about, Queen of technology never to be!!

Today though I have another impressive example of how not to photograph a card.
This is one of the cards I made for the JustRite shows I did yesterday
Its an 8x8 card, the background is done using an A4 Mica Mask at the bottom and some lilac patterned paper at the top.
Centre piece is using the same mask to emboss a Lilac Grand blossom circle cut to size and edged with a Grand edgy die (my fave biggy). Next layer is a Label 20 embossed with Basket Weave mask, couple of screw top brads in Silver. Then top layer is one of the Ribbon tags stamped with the Forever Friends JustRite set. Some lovely Violet Vintage ribbon, a zipper rose, a couple of accents and some pearly dots to finish.

All goodies are available from Creative Expressions of course.

Why not come back tomorrow and see if that new camera is in action yet....


  1. Lovely card, hope you work out your new toy! I can't find the charger to our camera at the moment so Im using my phone... not the best! xxx

  2. Nice once again Maria. :)
    and nothing wrong with the photo either.....xx

  3. Nothing wrong with this photo!!!! The card is gorgeous!!!!Love the design and the sentiment!!!!! Fabulous work Maria!!!!!

  4. Beautiful card, I love the embossing and the die cuts look fab
    Lindsay xx

  5. A really lovely card with some very good ideas.

  6. Lovely card Maria, don't worry about the photography!

  7. Gorgeous card! Good luck with the camera. Mine is really old and rubbish and my photography skills are even worse! xx

  8. I love this card and the flower is gorgeous. With regard to SD card and downloading onto your computer it really is easy!!! I was the same but now I can at least download my photos. Good Luck

    linda xxx

  9. You're great at crafty things, technology is just a little hurdle that likes to get in the way! I'll swap you some techy help (and a little something that is on the way to you, it should arrive tomorrow if the posty is being nice!) for some urgentish crafty advice.... because that's something I am not so well practiced at!!

  10. Love this card. Watched you make this.

  11. Wow, what a brilliant project! Just stunning.

    Have a good weekend, Heike xx

  12. Hi Maria, what a lovely card, such beautiful colours and a wonderful layout. May I case this please, it is something my daughter would love?
    I have a little tip for you to help with your photography:- make yourself a photographers lightbox. Its easy and you only need an (approx) 18x18inch box, white fabric (old tee shirts are great) I have put two tutorial links below for you. Alot of people think their camera lets them down when more often than not its the lighting they use. You can use a cheap point and shoot digital camera with lightbox and get fantastic pics. Hope this helps. I love handmade in many forms can't you tell!! If I can save money, I really will try, after all I have craft goodies to buy!!! lol..
    All the best Linda
    ps You can buy them ready made at

  13. I loved this card when I saw it on the tv.I must put the
    Justrite stamps on my wishlist as I have all 3 sets of the spellbinders they match with.


  14. Hi Maria, This is beautiful, good luck with your camera:) Sandra H