Friday, 6 January 2012

We have a winner!

I know its a little late, but its still Friday!

I said we have a winner, I counted up the comments including those in the chat box and I randomly picked number 26,
so the winner is

Drumroll (just a short one)


Well done, email me with your address.
Apparently if you write your email this way the spambots cant find it easily, so if your a spammer, bog off and get a life! lol

For those of you who didnt win, I have a great giveaway for next week, watch out for it!

See you tomorrow for a card.


  1. Many congratulation Andrea enjoy your winnings and thank you Maria for making it possible:) Sandra H

  2. OMG is it really me, I just looked down the list and could'nt see any other Andrea's! If it is I am blown away, I NEVER win anything. If it is'nt and I'm do'nt worry I'll just try again next week!! hehe
    Andrea (hopefully the right one)

  3. It was me!!!! hahaha thankyou everybody for the congrats, my laptop died on me on New Years Eve and I was feeling particularly miserable, this has cheered me up BIG STYLE thankyou Maria for making my day! I will make a big point of making something using the stamps and posting for you all to see (i'm assuming I can do that, can't I)??? xxx