Monday, 23 January 2012

Blog not been deleted, just acting silly i hope!

Just a very quick post, There seems to be an issue with blogger at the moment, lots of you contacted me to say my blog had been deleted, this is very strange because I have not deleted it-im posting on it now! But when i first checked it there was no apparent problem but then 5 mins later i was getting the same message as everybody else, another 5 mins later and im logged in and writing this,  I am hoping this is a temporary glitch but if there is a more permanent problem i will have to start a new blog and let everybody know on Facebook and Twitter.... really hope its not neccesary as i dont have the time to mess about!!!!


  1. Must be temporary as I'm seeing your post right now. Blogger does strange things at times.

  2. I can see it to Marie.....Blogger was playing up yesterday I dont know why I could'nt find my blog either and now for some reason I have Two Grrr have to find out how to delete one and then make sure it's the right one! ..........Oh My word what fun.:P

  3. Nice to know your not deleted as l did try yesterday to leave a comment:) Sandra H

  4. lol, nice to know your there even if your not hun, lol


  5. I couldn't find you at all for two days, but you're back now and thats all that matters to me, don't want to loose your blog as I have so recently found it.
    All the best Linda