Saturday, 20 August 2011

A rude awakening- literally!!!

Forget showing you a card today, I have something far juicier to tell you!
I woke up early hours, in my hotel room, to the sound of tapping, the tapping turned into knocking, the knocking became very insistant. Now, you probably wont know this but its not a great idea to disturb my sleep- i turn into a proper dragon!  So, I stomped out of bed and went to have a look to see what was going on, and there in the corridor stood a bloke STARK NAKED!  It was not pretty if im honest, so my response was "Shut the hell up and go get a key, and cover the chipolata while your at it"  On reflection, I could have politely suggested he visit reception for assistance, nah!

Anyway, its a lovely day in Peterborough, Im just in the Green Room watching Steph on screen painting, I must have a go!
I might post a card later, time allowing. If your not busy why not join me at 11am, 3pm, 6pm on Create & Craft.

Have a good day gang!


  1. Ha ha, he must have done something very bad 2 deserve being locked out of his room! Lol x

  2. I'm wiping the tears from my eyes as l'm typing this and can't stop thinking about your response to the tapping remind me not to wake you suddenly!! you surprised me still!! what a wake up l watched you on Create and Craft and enjoyed the program hope to see you again:) Sandra H