Sunday, 7 August 2011

Im a proud mummy!

First i need to apologise for my absense for a few days, my laptop was playing up very badly- just overheating and shutting down, soooo i spat my dummy out and bought a new one yesterday but now i have to get used to it! The old one was vista and the new one is windows 7, I have to re-educate Norton, load everything pics,music,printer (oh sod, its just started bucketing down and my clothes are on the line) where was i? new laptop, so thats why i have gone all quiet and probably will be for a couple more days.  Also I have tons to do, Me and Steve had to put his new bed together today and finish laying his floor, not easy for me anymore!
Anyways, this post is supposed to be about Steve and Amber, they are now junior design team members! Did you see their cards on Grace Gray's Kids craft hour on Create & Craft yesterday? It brought a little tear to my eye i can tell you, when the goodies arrived in the post Amber flicked through and said " Ive got my first idea" and off she went! Steve was just as quick, which is surprising because he is not much into craft these days.

My stuff just got shoved to one side of MY desk!

Amber forgot all about brushing her hair once the craft goodies arrived!

This one is Steve's.
Thanks for looking and if you have time leave the kids a nice comment!


  1. Aah, these are fabulous cards Amber - well done you :)

  2. Beautiful cards Amber, watch out Mum your job may be taken soon lol, Heidi x

  3. I'd be proud to send any of those cards out they are lovely.

  4. These cards are beautiful!!!! Everyone of them!!!! Love them all!!!! Great job!!!!

  5. Well done! they must take after you!!

  6. I have some of these papers and feel a CASE coming!

  7. Wowsers these are gteat! WTG Amber & Steve!
    Dawn xx

  8. These are absolutely fabulous well done Amber and Steve, little crafters in the making. Crafty hugs to you all :)

    Linda xxx

  9. Oh gorgeous, beautiful cards.

  10. Absolutely fantastic, love the different projects and the little details that they have added, well done you two. Heidi x

  11. Oh wow gorgeous cards Amber, and not forgetting steve yours was amazing too! look out mum you could be out of a job hving seen what gorgeous creations they have produced well done :) Sandra H

  12. To Amber and Steve - you are both very talented just like your mum. All of your cards are amazing and how great to have them shown on the TV. You should both be very proud and I hope we will get to see some more of your cards on your mum's blog.

    Well done!

    Sharon x