Thursday, 25 August 2011

As promised,3 panel Acetate card, quick 'how to'.

Im having a small (very small at this point) episode, because I cant find the Rocking Snowglobe I brought home, its probably somewhere obvious the fridge or the microwave-yes i do things like that too when im not with it!
The good news is the 3 panel card didnt go AWOL, so here it is, hope its helpful.

Remove all the die-cut pieces from your 3 panel, leaving a solid panel and 2 apertures

Put double sided tape around the frames of both apertures

remove dst and attach shaped acetate to aperture

fold other aperture over acetate covered aperture, you know have your basic card

attach foiled topper to the front of card and turn over to attach the matching unfoiled topper to the back of the aceatate window, line up with the topper on the front to be sure you have no 'workings' showing.

Your done!

I will hunt for the snowglobe asap, in the meantime I am supposed to be packing for Peterborough! Would love you to join me at 11am and 4pm tomorrow on Create and Craft.

Have a great day one and all.


  1. Thanks very much Maria. Hugs x

  2. Awww thanks Maria. I hope you are well and look forward to seeing you again soon :)

  3. Wow thats awesome! great tutorial and a great finish to a lovely card:) Sandra H

  4. Awesome♥. Great tutorial, thank you♥.

    Hugs Marita♫♫

  5. Wow what an awesome tutorial and so easy to follow!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing the picture tutorial!