Sunday, 16 February 2014

We are family too



I've had a lazy one so far, but must get going very soon, but thought id blog quickly...

Here's a sample from telly using the Family Tree stencil and the bunny stamps.

The lone bunny at the front is Saphire sat watching from Rainbow Bridge, she would have been 4 this month..

Anyway, today's project is to build/erect/botch a stair or ramp system for Milly, Jake and big Sam to let themselves in and out of their new place, at the moment I'm having to lift them in and out which they don't particularly like, Sam in particular frets if he can't get back in when he's ready.

Ok, so before I reach for the drill, just quick reminder to put your name on the previous post if you would like to win some lush flowers.
Have a good one.


  1. Oh Maria I love this! It's a bunny tree! Just fabulous! Xxx

  2. Such a lovely card, it's all about the bunnies, very cute and a lovely thought that Saphire is watching xx

  3. Hi Maria this is so pretty, love it x

  4. Ah poor Saphire - a lovely tribute - you should frame it and put it over the hutch door way xx

  5. Lovely family card. Hope the bunnies love your home improvements. Poor Saphire xx

  6. Love what you have done with this card... good idear...

  7. Hi Maria
    Love this card, and how you've used the family tree.