Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What is it with trains.....

Good morning/afternoon/evening, whatever it is when I get this to go live!

I'm on my way to Glasgow by train,gives the car and my legs a rest..

Now, is it just me, or do you attract a nutter every time you get on a train???

Seriously, I have 4 trains in my journey and train number 2 hadn't even pulled out of Liverpool when my allocated plonked located and attached himself to me,accompanied by his little music thingy blasting out 'gangnam style'. Would it be rude to ask if his headphones are broken??

So, on verification that he is indeed my loony for today and not a regular passenger, i have issued the initial polite smile and 'don't bother me' expression on my face, I'm now talking to you instead and typing really slowly,and looking really really reeeeeeeeeally busy,not to be disturbed.

Right I best show you a card, I will load it slowwwwwwwly to use up another 90 seconds...


Oh blimey Picassa photo album isn't available without Internet access, so I will add the pic in a bit later.

The music has changed to Bob Marley now, a slight improvement admittedly...

Hurrah! There will soon be an end, he is going to Preston which means he won't be on the Glasgow train!


Am posting this quick before Internet abandons me again!

Will share next leg of journey with you later, it's, erm, comical.....


  1. You are braver than I am Maria! There is no way that I would get onto a train on my own let alone 4 of them! I'd end up at the opposite end of the country to where I should be going! Lol no sense of direction whatsoever! I love the card it's gorgeous! Now you take care on them there choochoos and remember what you used to tell the kids! No talking to strangers!!! Have fun when you get there and let us know how it's going please. Xxx

  2. ha ha Pat
    What are you like.
    good luck for better companions on the restof your journey. Its a pain on the train. oh lol it rhymes. but as you say gives the legs a rest forcwhich you will be eternally grateful on the journey home xx

  3. forgot all about the card. its lovely great background xx

  4. LOL Maria!!! huggles hun card is fab Sue J xxx

  5. Hi Maria
    You are very brave but no doubt you thought it would be a quiet
    Trip.good job he was not going all the way with you. Hope the remaining
    part of the trip was uneventful.
    Hope you and the family are well.
    Take care

    Jane Llewellyn

  6. I meant to ask you on the "second" leg of the journey, is one case full of clothes and one case full of Craft Room? Sam