Thursday, 7 March 2013

Next leg of the journey!

So that's the opening day of the show done, and a lovely day it was!
Now I said I would share the 2nd leg of my journey with you didn't I...
So, I gets off the train at Wigan, gratefully leaving the loony on the train. Next I find the lady guard and ask her which platform I need for the Glasgow train, "this one,stay right here" she says, fantastic that means I don't have to drag my 2 heavy cases up and down stairs and stuff.
Seven minutes later my train pulls in, so I'm looking or the right carriage and the whistle blows! Oh blimey I better just get on and walk through the train then, so I drag the biggest case on and as I do that the other case with my handbag attached topples over toward the train and deposits half the contents of my handbag down onto the track!!!
So the guard comes running up to see, and it's decided that it's not safe to try and reach my stuff until the train has gone, so my big case comes back off the train and I wave it goodbye as it heads off ti Glasgow without me.
The guard gets a grabber and I am reunited with both my phones and my debit card, and the next train is 45 minutes later, so time for a coffee in the cafe...
Shame the cafe was on the opposite platform but never mind coz there is a lift! So I set off with both my cases, down one lift, walk along and back up the other lift to arrive at the cafe.
Now after the journey so far I didn't want to risk missing the next train, so I decided it best to grab the coffee to take away and go back to other platform so I'm ready for my train...problem was..I had 2 cases and 1 coffee but only 2 hands! Not to be put off by this slight inconvenience I balanced my coffee in 1 hand with a suitcase handle, and by the time I got back to the other platform I only spilled half of it up my sleeve,result!!
Final chapter after dinner I promise!


  1. OMG!! Maria lmaooooooooooo you poor thing huggles hun Sue J xxxxxxxxxxx cant wait for the next installment...going by car next time???

  2. At least you arrived in one piece,obviously travelling to the SECC is an adventure. Hope the day there was a good one.

  3. Oh Maria...only you!!!! Hope the return jouorney isn't so eventful!!! xx

  4. See Maria the problem is your other train was "on time" so something else HAD to go wrong!! Great story looking forward to the next bit, Sam

  5. Oh Maria, I said you were a brave lady travelling on trains on your own!!! Can't wait for the next instalment lol! Next time can you not grab a lift off someone? You take care now and don't keep us waiting too long!!! Xxxx