Thursday, 7 March 2013

Final part...

Well that was a lovely dinner, thank you Barbara and Dave.

Final bit of the journey then...

So with my Latte soaked sleeve I gets safely on the Glasgow train (loading my cases far more gingerly this time), bags myself a nice little seat at the back.

Time to get my sarnie out me thinks! Call me fussy but i dont like soggy butties made the night before,so I had my little tub with Tuna filling and my triangles of bread and best butter, posh me you know..

Couple of minor issues with the catering, it was so cold TNT the butter had gone rock hard so I couldn't separate the bread to put the filling in, no biggy I will just spread the tuna on where's my knife? Oops no knife. As luck would have it I still had the stirrer in my half spilt latte, so out it comes, wipe it on my cardi and voila!


Very tasty!

The rest of the journey went nice and quiet, almost...

About 20 minutes before we reached Glasgow I thought I better pay a little visit-no I didn't lock myself in. I came back to my seat and the nice Nigerian chap sat nearby asked me if it was Autumn? So I explained the seasons to him because it sounded like he was just visiting the Uk, as it turns out he has been in the UK for quite some time, he was just trying to start a conversation.

Anyway, his name was Yinka and he was very pleasant, but a little over-enthusiastic about religion...

So that was the journey!

And here is the lovely Claritystamp stand, just as the doors opened this morning.




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  1. Hi Maria Sounds like your journey was awful, its good that you are able to laugh about it now. Your journey reminds me of things that happen when I travel on trains. At least your safe and able to enjoy Glasgow hopefully. Love the cards Take care see you soon.