Wednesday, 4 July 2012

TV sneak peek, one more sleep!

Good Morning!
Not sure what has happened to the last two weeks but all of a sudden its only one day before Im back on Create & Craft with Tom. 
The Splodge Away will be making its tv debut at 12 noon!
I thought I would share a little sneeky peeky with you, so here is one of the projects I have made for the show, can you tell what it is yet...
I hope you can watch the show, the whole Splodge Away team has worked really hard and I know they would really appreciate your support, so feel free to email the studio.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh looks lovely Maria, is it the corner of a picture frame?, will be watching you and yes will email in, you will be great. Believe in yourself, We all Do. Hugs. X

  2. Oh Maria looks good , and will be watching be good to see you again xxxxxx

  3. Good luck for tomorrow I KNOW it will do well it is a fabulous product and so easy to use and I miss mine, I looked for it 3 times yesterday !! hope you are looking after it for me xx
    For you who don't know I left mine at Marias and Annette fantastic workshop at weekend x Susan

  4. Good luck for tomorrow missus, not that you need it you will be fab as usual...I got my prize yesterday form splodgeaway and I have a day off today so guess what I'll be doing today..
    Shell xx

  5. Hmm ..... could this be a mirror? Looks fab anyway, can't wait to see it in full. Good luck for tomorrow, it'll be nice to see you back on TV. I'll give you a wave. xxx

  6. It looks great whatever it is. Good luck for tomorrow although you won't need it x

  7. This looks lovely and good luck for tomorrow:)x

  8. That looks rather nice! I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow. Good luck everyone! x

  9. Hi Maria
    Looks very interesting will be watching and recording
    You will be fine as always it's about time you were back on C&C
    Take care

    Jane Llewellyn x x

  10. I am hoping they will do a re-run so I get a chance to watch the show. as I'm doing school run and lunches at 12, hoping to catch a liitle bit. Intrigued to find out what this project is, some sort of frame??????

  11. I will be watching - half an hour to go! xx