Monday, 26 March 2012

Lovely day out for me & my Amber!

Good Morning gang!
Yes its Monday again, I was thinking of giving myself the day off today but then looked at exactly how much work I have for the next few days, so day off is not on the cards for this week, Lucky I adore my job isnt it!

Anyway, I cant move on to this week without telling you all about the weekend I just had.  Will tell you about yesterday first & do a separate post about Friday/Saturday because I have loads to tell you about! So,yesterday Amber & I drove down to the NEC from the North East, Its always nice to have time to do the NEC as a customer because Amber can come and do little workshops and stuff, yesterday she had a go at Origami, Folk Art painting and Pyrography,
here is what she made
How clever is she!!!

Now, I wasnt gonna show you the one thing I made, but I changed my mind-NO LAUGHING!
Its not amazing is it!
So do I keep this as my first and only attempt at this type of painting, or do I put my stubborn head on and try to master it??

Moving on swiftly, we also met up with my lovely blog buddy Jane L and her grandaughters Ocean & Willow (cool names or what) Its always nice to see you all at shows and even better to be able to grab a coffee & chat, so thank you Jane & the girls.

We caught up with the gang at the Claritystamp stand too of course, where I got my hands on the new Theuva Card, it feels lush-cant wait to have a play.
Speaking of play, I bought a few bits from the MDF man to have a play with, I have some workshop ideas for those!
Zentangle book also came home with us, I showed Stevie when he came home from nan's last night and he was immediately inspired to have a go while we all ate the Maltesers & Toblerone he bought me.

So all in all it was a great girls day out!

Back later to tell you about Friday/Saturday.


  1. Wow I think your first attempt at painting is gorgeous!!!! I think it came out beautifully!!!!

  2. Definitely no laughing from me. I think it is amazing how well you did with that painting. Definitely stick with it and master it to your own satisfaction. Glad you had such a good day at the show. I chose not to go and spent my money on other goods. have fun with your painting. xx Maggie

  3. Amber that's fab , love the dress dharling ! Love yours to Maria glad you enjoyed your day p xxx

  4. Hi Maria, glad you both had a fab day and So glad to see some Pyrography. Amber's work is brill, I love to do Pyrography free hand , plus it looks good using stamped images, especially Clarity ones. Crafty hugs Jo R. xx

  5. Well I am soooo Jealous I would have loved to go to the NEC but took his lordship to Wales for the weekend instead ( well it was his birthday)Amber is a little star.

    Linda xx

  6. Glad you had a good weekend Maria. Your daughter is a very talented young lady, For a first attempt you didnt do bad, keep at it and I am sure you will be pleased at the results.
    Sonia xx

  7. Amber has got such flair and talent, her creations are so professional. Your's is good too Maria, I'm sure with your talent it won't take long to feel more confident, and adept at making more space in your craft room for a new lot of euipment.

  8. l think Amber will be going places l like what she has done:) x

  9. Well what a creative young lady Amber is, definitely follows her mum me thinks. You must keep trying this Maria, because you have something there so don't give up.
    All the best Linda