Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cool new storage & an act of kindness!

Oh yes its here again, Slipper Day!!!
I have got mine on, hope your with me gang...

I wanted to show off my new pen storage and tell you about a nice lady.
This is my pen box- it is the only one you will need because it will hold more than 600 pens!

As you can see mine holds all my Promarkers and some flexmarkers, all the Copic ciao pens and a few sketch, also in there are 140 Prisma pencils and my Sakura pens, and there is still plenty of space for me to add more Copic Sketch and Flexmarkers to my collection.

Now, when this arrived I couldnt wait to get it positioned and filled, but in my rush to get up the stairs it had a fall!!!!
Milly Posh Paws was on her litter tray in the hall at the time too, luckily she is a fast bunny!
 Yes there were tears, I sat in the corner with my arms crossed and sucked my thumb and everything, then I did a more grown up thing- oh yes I did!
I asked my friend Dan to try and fix it for me, and as you can see from the pic it looks as good as new,the damage has been very cleverly disguised.
When I told Vicky about what had happened she was so kind, as a crafter herself she knows how it would feel if you get something totally cool and then you break it, so she very very very kindly sent me this rack for Stickles Glitter Glue as a pressie!
As you can see I am using mine for my Cosmic Shimmer Pearly glues instead,they are great stored upside down because it reduces the possibility of air bubbles when you use them.

Are you a tinsy bit jealous,are you? Then go and get your own, and check out the other storage stuff too...

Have a good one!


  1. I so have to save my pennies and get me one of these pen storage things!!! They look fab! I have one of the stickles ones and need another!! Just thought I would pop by and let you know I have candy at the moment! Hope you will pop by!

  2. Hope you're ok after your fall xx Love the storage, I so want one, no wait I NEED one. don't know where I'd put it though :)

  3. WOW.. and love the glue storage as well neat idea

  4. Oh WOW - I love it and want one too! The shoeboxes I keep mine in at the mo just don't compare!
    Mandy x

  5. Sorry about the pen storage, but hope you are okay. That was very kind of Vicky, a thoughtful person makes such a difference to how you are feeling. I am jealous of the storage, give me a pet for me and enjoy.

  6. Oh, Maria, I hope you are feeling much better after your fall. Great though the storage is, it is better that is is damaged not you. I think my DH might get a bit cross with me, when I ask him to make me some storage for my Stickles. I will have to be slightly different though, to fit where I want it. At the moment, he is cleaning the outside of the caravan so I think I had better not mention it for a while. Take care of your self. xx Maggie

  7. Thats my sort of storage, may have to move house though to accommodate it and all the other goodies xx

  8. Yes, I am totally jealous especially as one on my pro markers has fallen on the floor right at the back of my desk! Will have to get hubby to retrieve it ha ha

  9. You poor thing! I hope you are ok? Fab storage, must investigate the link xx

  10. Hope you ok :-) loving the storage , have just emailed the link to my hubsand as a top birthday idea for lil ole me ;-) see you the morra xxx

  11. Awww Maria you are too kind hun..and now I'm totally So pleased you liked you wee gift and the unit looks perfect...your friend done a great job sorting it out and so pleased you didn't hurt yourself..or your fur baby..

    take care sweetie...and I'm so chuffed you liked the cube and thanks for sharing...biggest of hugs Vicky xx

  12. I've just turned a slight shade of green after reading your blog and then added another shade when I visited the website. Glad you're o.k. and enjoying sa slipper day.

  13. Hi Maria,
    These storage units are fab aren't they. So glad you were able to fix yours and lucky you receiving a lovely gift, I bet that cheered you up after the fall. I do hope you are ok.
    All the best Linda

  14. This is well organised lots of space for ......600 will you fill it xx