Thursday, 22 September 2011

Brain is asleep,cant think of a title, but here's a Clarity card!

No really, the brain is on a serious go-slow today. Its all happening all at once and I need a list remind myself to make a list!!! Then I need a note to remind me to remember the list...
I have decorating to do, new shelves for the temple (my craft room), clean the decking, go shopping, order hutch jackets to keep the outside bunnies warm in winter, clean the fishtank out, go the bank, laundry, eat something, mow the lawn, put the fireplace back (long story), finish personal cards, buy Mart's birthday present, then back in work tomorrow! Stoppppppp, i wanna get off!
And I didnt even get time to show you some of my Clarity cards from the Pick of the week, so best make a start now hadnt I!

I was really pleased with the artwork on this one but then decided the setting was rubbish, but I didnt want to damage the picture by trying to take it back off.

This one is a version of one of my cards that Barbara demo'd, its using the bouncing brayer technique-try it, its theraputic!
Right back to it, I just remembered another job- go buy the wall fixings for the tv bracket, £55 for a wall bracket but you have to buy the screws separately, how does that work!!!


  1. love the bouncing brayer technique, and had forgotten I'd seen it demo'd till you put your pic up. Enjoy your list doing xxx

  2. Hi Maria, these 2 cards are just amazing Did l see you on the Tv this morning?!! your clarity card is just adorable and the brayer card l think l watched that too! both amazing:) Sandra H

  3. These are stunning Maria - and there's your famous bouncing brayer!!! Hope you're well xx