Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Snowy? So is it Christmas yet....


Good afternoon!

Well apparently lots of you have snow where you are, and I've got the winter lurgy, so....Christmas card? Lol

I chose this one because I love the star stencil, we will be using it in class in May-but not for a Christmas card I promise!
I thought id leave Santa black and white because I've gone bright with the stars and banner, would you have coloured or not?
I'm going back to my steam bath and Olbas Oil, catch you soon, thanks for calling in!



  1. Oh dear Maria, I think the lurgy has affected you worse than I thought. Actually card is lovely and maybe we should be very organised and get cards done early. Very cold here. xx

  2. Oh no, Maria if you were not so talented you would be in my bad books for posting Christmas cards so early.

  3. Lovely card, I have seriously thought about starting to make a few "C" cards here and there, last year I was rubbish so you are forgiven lol x