Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Easter

Good Morning!

So, you were not impressed with my Christmas card in March then lol, I could hear you groaning through my iPad screen! Don't come crying to me on Christmas Eve when you haven't finished your cards lol, remember I reminded you way back in March!

So how about an Easter card then?

Actually I'm gonna confess, I made a handful of these but I don't really send Easter cards, so my next door neighbour will get one but the rest will be converted into birthday cards etc by covering the sentiment with a little plaque.

I used....

Abstract squares claritystencil. One of my faves.

Tulip claritystencil

Clarity blending brushes

Happy Easter Claritystamp

Inks...butterscotch, stream, cranberry, lettuce.

I did a similar but different version that I'll show you on Monday....and maybe a little ol' tutorial seeing as I am having a couple of days off.

Thanks for stopping by, if you pop back tomorrow I'll have a sneak peek for the Claritystamp telly show on Sunday with Barbara.




  1. Lovely, really like this xx

  2. Wish I had these stencils and seen this fabulous card as it would have saved me some money buying cards as my mojo has left me since I have been ill. I do love your ideas, have a lovely Easter break x

  3. Fabulous card Maria, lovely soft colours. Look forward to the tutorial. Enjoy your wee break hun. You deserve it.

  4. Gorgeous card Maria. Happy Easter! xx

  5. Lovely combination of stencils and colours. One to take inspiration from if you don't mind xx

  6. Maria this is gorgeous. Happy Easter x

  7. So pretty and very delicate x

  8. Beautiful card Maria. I hope you have a great Easter. x

  9. Lol Maria you have given your secret away by saying you going to cover the sentiment. Beautiful, I adore tulips. If I get my Xmas cards finished early this year then I will say it's all down to you. xx