Sunday, 8 March 2015

Happily ever after

Good evening, I was going to blog tomorrow but I have a very full Monday, so I'll do it now while I'm in the queue for the shower-yes MY wetroom is quite popular round these parts....

So, what to show you...I nearly showed you a Christmas card, but I thought you might throw heavy objects at me, so how about a happy card instead.

You need to get quite close to see how I've done this one....


Maybe a bit closer...

Nice glow around the edges of the image? That's metallic paint, I love it on embossed projects.

The little plaque is from the fairytale castle set

The stencil is called Deer Heart, there's a dove version too.

Ok that's all, thanks for stopping by.

I'm going to stand outside the bathroom door now and drop some heavy hints that I'm waaaaaaaiting!



  1. I know the feeling we got a Power Shower so this kids bathroom just sits gathering dust now and my Lovely Shower room is no-where to be seen for Shampoos and Gels and pink princess conditioner!!! Xxx Enjoy it ONCE YOU GET IN THAT IS. Xxx

  2. Hope you didn't have to queue too long for your shower. Love your loving card and very relieved that you didn't show a Christmas one yet xx

  3. Fabulous card Maria. I should get a lock fitted and only have one key. Mind you perhaps you better have a spare on second thoughts!! Lol

  4. This is gorgeous! I love it! I think you should put a timer in the bathroom so the door flies open after so long - not for you of course! xxx