Thursday, 1 January 2015

Congratulations, we made it!

Yes, we made it through another 365 days! They may not have all been easy days for you or for me, but nevertheless here we are, so I'd like to wish everybody peace and good health for 2015.

I don't tend to do new year resolutions, because they don't seem to last very long do they, but I thought i would try a different approach to it,

so my New Years resolution such as it is, is simply to


First today, I'm going to TRY and get my blog up and running again, it's been 6 months since I last posted so maybe a quick catch up on what's occurred since June.

Here we go then...

I've had a birthday, making me mid-forties! I did get a lovely cake from Heather and Len though....

Amber did the Race for Life.


Steve did the Bikeathon for Leukaemia.


The three of us did this... The Eagles, live!!!

I signed the lease for this...

And with a lot of help from many excellent friends, turned it into this...


Looks ok doesn't it.

A step to make life easier for the future I went from this....

To this!

Sadly we lost Milly Posh Paws to a yucky brain parasite,

Two months later old age took it's toll and Sam followed Milly up to the stars.

We do still have this precious old boy though...and he's doing ok!

And among it all I managed to make a bit of artwork here and there..I'll start showing you tomorrow, I promise.

Thanks for taking the time to pop in, enjoy your day whatever you're doing, I will be TRYING to make progress at home by painting the sheds.







  1. Happy New Year, Maria. You have certainly had an eventful year. I think your resolution is perfect and I look forward to your continued progress in 2015. Hope to see you soon. xxx Maggie

  2. Happy new year Maria! Here's to a good one for all of us! Xxxx

  3. Happy New Year Mrs! This is Barb on Dave's Ipad! Easy does it. And may 2015 be kind to you xxxxx

  4. Happy New Year and here's to TRYING in 2015 xx

  5. Well you've all been very busy and what great achievements for you all. You should be very proud! Here's to a great year of "Trying" in 2015 xx

  6. Happy New Year Maria. I have loved every minute of your workshops at Shrewsbury and am looking forward to many more too. I have made some lovely friends through the workshops too and I am pleased that you are one of them. Onwards and upwards Mrs and to pacing yourself rather than meeting yourself on the way back from somewhere. Lol. See you soon hunni. Xx

  7. Happy New Year Maria. You certainly have been a busy girl! The Hub looks jealous I want one!!! Wishing you and the kids all the best and hope to get to see you soon. Hugs xxx

  8. Happy new year, here's to keep trying.xx

  9. Happy New Year. You have been busy.
    Love the new look, both of the new premises, and yourself. Lets hope someone has added some extra weeks into this year purely for crafting.
    Janice W

  10. Wow your room now looks so full of lots of gorgeous crafty goodies nice friends too to help out it looks amazing!! loving the hair change l was of the same had all mine cut off too! a lot easier to manage and you really suit your new cut hope to see more of your amazing and wonderful creations during 12015 and l'd also like to wish you and your families all the very best for 2015 take care xx

  11. Yay you're back! Happy new year I thinka lot of us are guilty of neglecting our blogs and maybe you're right. Here's to a great 2015 looking forward to seeing some of your beautiful artwork xx

  12. Happy New Year Maria. You have had a busy 2014 by the looks of it. Your new workshop looks fab! I do hope to be able to drop by sometime this year. I had such a great time at your workshop.

  13. What a brilliant reflection on your year, yes some sad times with the loss of family pets, but look at your achievements! Happy New Year to you and Amber and Stevie xxx

  14. Nice to have you back in blogland hun ...... I've missed you!
    Happy New Year to you and yours ..... lets hope 2015 is a good one!! Big hugs .... Linda xx

  15. It's cool to have you back and Happy New Year! You have been busy! Sorry about the bunnies. Your hair looks awesome! xxx

  16. What a busy year you and your family have had, it's great to see all your photos.
    Thank you for sharing them and I look forward to seeing more on your blog in 2015.
    Happy New Year xxx