Sunday, 18 January 2015

Awesome Beauty


Sunday night already, it'll soon be Easter....
I thought id blog tonight instead of in the morning because to be honest, I intend having a little late sleep.

I quite like squirrels, unless they go near the bunnies, but they never have yet. So I was very happy to see this particular Claritystamp, and I think the large leaf stencil goes with any woodland nature type project.

Shame the photo isn't too good but that's nothing new for me!

I decoupaged and glazed the squirrel and added some Wordchains to complete.

Hope you like it!




  1. your background is awesome and also your shading of the squirrel xx

  2. I love this Maria. The squirrel stamp is on my list to acquire as I think he's so cute. The stencilling looks great on this too. Xx

  3. Lovely. How's Jake getting on with his new friend?

  4. Lovely really like the squirrel xx

  5. Lovely colours for the background this little squirrel stamp. Squirrels are cute but are little wotsits if they get in your loft. Grew up with greys in Kent but only have the tiny but beautiful reds up here. So what colour would I make my squirrel stamp? Xx

  6. I love squirrels and their funny little antics. This is beautiful Maria - gorgeous colours. Xx

  7. It's gorgeous Maria. xx I hope you enjoyed your lie in. xx