Monday, 9 June 2014

Just to say

Good evening!

I wasn't going to blog until tomorrow because I'm meant to be having a day of rest, but is thought a quick blog wouldn't hurt before I go bed...

This is another of my telly samples from this month.

I quite like the effect I achieved with this one,especially the sky, I might do a little tutorial if I can find time this week.

I used...

Remountable Plough set

Ploughed Field stencil, we will be using this in class in July for sure

Remountable line sentiments,set 2

Oh and if your ordering from Clarity anytime soon, you should add one of the new Aprons to your order, as modelled by Heather,Jo, Moi, Sam at Doncaster at the weekend.... There's even a pocket,to put stuff.

Heather and Jo were demonstrating how they look if you don't have much up top- so to speak, whilst Sam and I show how great they look on ladies who have been amply blessed in the boob department. don't say I said but...I think Jo had packs of clarity sponges tucked down her pinny to try and pad the top out a bit lol.


  1. Stunning card Maria, I love the sky....and yes two packs of sponges were found later, but I couldn't possibly say where !!!!! The aprons are great btw...sleep well....hugs. Jo. X

  2. That card is superb! love the tones and shadows... Very clever! Xxx

  3. LOL! It seems like you all had a fun day at work. We'll have to get Jo some tassles to clip on her apron...they could hold the sponges in place!!
    Your card is beautiful Maria and I think the sky is gorgeous. Will definitely like to know how you achieved that. Looking forward to a class with the ploughed field stencil. Will have to have another look for the aprons as couldn't find them on the site on Sunday.
    Love Jeanette xx

  4. I have ordered my apron, just waiting for the fan stencil to appear on the website. I love this scene, Maria. It reminds me of clifftop farm in Cornwall. Beautiful. xxx Maggie

  5. What a great card Maria. Will be looking forward to using this stencil at next class. I think one of those lovely Clarity aprons might have to fall into my next shopping basket! Xxx

  6. Beautiful card - like the aprons! Jx

  7. Lol Barbara - was just thinking the same thing. Love this card Maria - such gorgeous colours and btilliant lsyout. Ooh I feel another shopping spree coming on. Xxx