Sunday, 4 May 2014

Purple Twilight


I thought I would steal five minutes to blog, it's officially my enforced sit down between tasks, very frustrating not being able to just crack on and get everything done but such is life.

So, without further waffle and dribble, here is the first of my Clarity samples from Barbara's show this morning, I did see the second hour but not the whole show.

I was quite happy with this but then added the misty bits through the sky, which I now wish I had left alone, I may re-do this when I have time and change the colour too.

Anyway, I used...

Remountable Moorhens and Nuthatches

Woodland animals


Tree Branch from the Fly Away set

Purple Twilight Adirondack

So that's my sit down over, back to it, soooo much to do its scary.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.



  1. Loved this card Maria when I saw it this morning. Try and take it easy.. you can only do so much. I'm sure it'll all be fine. Xxx

  2. Oh this is another of your gorgeous creations with lots of lovely detail and so beautifully presented xx

  3. Oh so you're the mystery crafter!!! Nigel couldn't find a name on this one! It's beautiful Maria as all your samples were today! Xxx

  4. i really like the background on this Maria xx

  5. Lovely background, quite moody with the mist x

  6. Lovely card. I think misty bits look good. So many times I add something and then wish I hadn't as I think it looked better before! x

  7. Lovely work Maria, I love the colours and the misty background. Hope you are feeling better. Hugs Emma xx

  8. Hi Maria, I have just seen your card on Bloglovin and just had to pop in to tell you I think is gorgeous, love the images and the colour combo.
    Janet xxx

  9. Hi Maria
    A bit late today, but another stunning card.