Friday, 30 May 2014

Been a bit busy....

Good evening! Did you think id evaporated?

Well some of you will know what's been keeping me busy, some of you won't...

You remember I moved into my little unit at the beginning of the year? Well, I've outgrown it already and have been moving into a new bigger one with separate shop space!

I haven't got too many pics yet because things only started moving along last weekend when some good buddies came over to help...

Susie 10 toes was the construction manager, or was it destruction, anyway she loves power tools!

Cindie was supposed to be catering manager and chief seamstress, but she dabbles too.

Michelle the merchandising specialist, she has other skills too,show you tomorrow.

Some people managed to dodge the camera...Jane, Brenda, Stella, Sharon, Martin.

Gotta show you this....

It's an old half torn apart set of filing drawers or something similar, I spotted it next to the communal bin and knew exactly what I could do with it, so I had it on my trolley within minutes and whisked it away to safety!

Come back tomorrow and I will show you what it looks like now it's been UPCYCLED, Michelle said that sounds better than recycled, snob!

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  1. One mans rubbish is said to be another's treasure, surely that works with girlie's too .....x

  2. What a wonderful creative space you are going to have. Here's to many happy crafting times... Can't wait to see the results of your upcycling. Xxx

  3. It's gonna be great! (Said in me best broadest Liverpudlian voice lol). Like Barbara said - can't wait to see the results of your upcycling. Xxxx

  4. What a team! ..... hope I get the chance to see the new place soon, looks fab! xx

  5. Loving the pics of the glad I didn't get on! But it was my pleasure to come and help! I hope I can come over soon when it's all done and working ! xx

  6. Must try to fit in a visit to see your new unit - maybe some of shrewsbury class would be interested?

  7. Taking shape must call back and see the finish! x

  8. Looking forward to seeing the finished article, well done all you lovely ladies x

  9. Looking forward to making a visit.